Razor by Candace Blevins

March 26, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★

Razor by Candace Blevinsthree-stars
Razor by Candace Blevins
Series: Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #11
Also in this series: Duke, Brain, Horse
Published by Excessica on March 23, 2018
Genres: Paranormal, Biker / MC
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Razor moved from the Memphis RTMC chapter to Chattanooga to set up and manage a series of laundromats, because the local chapter needs more ways to legitimize their illegal income. He’s gay, but the Chattanooga chapter has accepted gay couples into their social circle, so he hopes they can accept him.

Matty is about to graduate college, and he’s in the market for a Daddy. He walks into the RTMC bar with two of his girlfriends, and a huge hulk of a man rescues him from some rednecks. He recognizes the bouncer for the leather daddy he is, and sparks fly between them.

Most of the MC is prepared to accept Razor as a gay brother, but they know they’ll have to figure things out as they happen once Razor is serious about someone. Will his ‘boy’ be an ol’lady? And can all the ol’lady rules really apply to a man?

Razor is a Raven, Matty is human. The RTMC fits into the local supernatural hierarchy in a myriad of ways, and Razor is already friends with Abbott and Spence.

But a supernatural storm is about to blindside the club, and their personal ties to The Dragon King and Master Vampire won’t be enough to help.

This title can be read as a stand-alone.

Warning: Male-male sexual practices are front and center in this book, not to mention it’s kinky as your grandmother’s old phone cord. Razor and Matty are heavy on the D/s, the S&M, and the B&D.

Since some reviewers have been surprised by this, it seems necessary to also warn that sometimes bikers solve problems with their fists, and there’s lots of sexy fun in the clubhouse with women who hang around because they want to be there, and who can leave anytime they want. (less)

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By Spice

I hate saying goodbye to a favorite series, especially when it’s not because the series is ending, but because the direction the series is going in isn’t one that melts my butter. It’s even harder when the stories are well written with plots that usually have the action and grit I crave with lots of chemistry and sexy times.

Ms. Blevins has several series which crossover but can be read on their own too, which is good since there are varying levels of BDSM from medium to heavy. I’ve mostly stayed away from her Safeword Series unless it had a couple whose story I really wanted to know. I don’t mind the BD part of BDSM, but once things veer into super heavy sadism and masochism, I usually tap out. I get that its some peoples jam and that’s great, but it’s not mine. Her Urban Fantasy series, Only Human, has an amazing storyline but Kirsten is definitely a masochist and although I read them, I “look away” a lot. My absolute favorite series has been The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, as it’s got characters I’ve grown to love and although definitely in the BDSM realm, it’s one that’s usually in my comfort zone enough I find it seriously hot most of the time. Unfortunately, the latest books have gotten more into the SM side with each progressive book and Razor finally took me over the tipping point.

If I’m going to read a BDSM book, I need it to have a great storyline and plot to it, other than the sexy times. Up to this point, that has been the case with this series. This did have some plot to it, and a little action, but it was definitely secondary to the BDSM relationship and working all that out. The sadism and masochism here were way over what I was comfortable with. It felt like I ended up cringing a lot and skimming half the book.

There were things about the book I enjoyed. I especially liked Razor and Mattie when they weren’t getting it on. Mattie, even though he wanted a Daddy to be in charge, had dreams and he wanted to pursue them both in his chosen profession and in other areas. He needed a dom who would be open to him chasing those dreams and also one who would understand his need to be around his best friend since childhood. Only wanting what was best for his “boy”, Razor  completely understood this and went out of his way to make things happen. I loved this about him. I also enjoyed the time spent with rest of the MC.

In the end, this was a decent read even though it had parts that didn’t work for me. As a whole, this series has interesting, action-packed plots and characters I admire. With the overall theme veering way outside my comfort zone, though, I don’t think it’s fair for me to continue rating and reviewing the stories since they are basically starting out with strikes against them. If you love action packed, gritty storylines and if heavy sadism and masochism are your thing, I highly recommend these. As for me, it’s with a heavy heart I bid farewell to these characters, or at least reviewing them.

Rating: 3 Sad Goodbye Stars.



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