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Grab your leathers, pull on your boots and clip that helmet on tight to join us on our metaphorical literary ride 🙂

What makes a Biker Series stand out?


The absence of brotherhood is one our main complaints when a book in the biker genre falls short. We need the connection of brotherhood that reaches beyond blood.


We love our action here at EDGy, and we expect that and more when we dive into a biker book. Whether it’s driven by loyalty to the club or keeping their women safe, we want our Alpha Males to be ready, able, and willing to serve a heaping helping of whoopass when the situation calls for it.


Our hero’s livelihoods are often based on the wrong side of the law. It’s a wonder we are able to overlook this rather large elephant in the room. In fact, we would be appalled if we came across it on the real world, but anything goes between the covers of a good book (Well, almost)!

Strong Heroines

Headstrong, determined, resilient, and caring are the words that spring to mind when thinking of our favorite MC heroines. Old ladies add the extra oomph and have the potential to raise a book to the next level. Yes, they may be drawn to a male dominated world, but their strength is never questioned and their ability to rise above is on par with the men they share their life with.

Romance That Burns Up The Pages:

No pretty boys wanted. We need our bikers to be hot, sexy, and serious dirty talkers who can back up their words with combustible action. We like them single minded in their pursuit once they find the woman who makes their heart stop. And did we mention dirty talking?

Dark and/or Gritty

We love a story that showcases strong characters beating the odds and overcoming the worst. We do need to warn you, several of these books involve topics that some may consider triggers like violence, loss, abuse, and addiction.

Amazing Side Characters

We love series that make us fall in love with not only the main couple but the other members of the MC family. Nothing keeps us waiting impatiently for the next book in a series like side characters whose stories we need NOW!


These are the series that started us on our long virtual ride. We highly recommend them, and rest assured we’ll keep adding more as we discover them.  Each of them has most if not all the aspects of what we look for in a good Biker MC read.  Is there a series you think we’ve missed out on? Make sure to let us know!

Edgy’s Top Ten Biker Series

Own The WindChaos by Kristen Ashley (with a shout out to Motorcycle Man, from the Dream Man series, the true beginning of that series) – This series is all about the men of Chaos and how they find their significant others. Tack’s older children Tabby and Rush stories were sentimental favourites. A series that must be read in order commencing with Motorcycle Man, then Own The Wind.
Find Chaos on Amazon


Fearless by Lauren GilleyDartmoor by Lauren Gilley – Wow, Lauren Gilley’s writing blows us away. Her characters are dark and broody but when they meet the love of their life, they might as well be wearing a suit holding a bunch of roses. Massive shout-out to Mercy, the man with the darkest past of all yet the gentle giant to his Ava. His irreverent sense of humor almost does Ghost in at times. When Mercy struts in on a scene, mercy is the sigh you’ll be uttering! This series must be read in order! Fall in love with the Lean Dogs by kicking things off with with Fearless.
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Lock & Key by Cat Porter -The Lock & Key series showcases everything that we love about Biker Romance books. Have kleenex handy because the first book floored us with the range of emotions it evoked and Ms. Porter has continued to do so with each and every new release. These books are gritty, have heart-stopping action, with situations that will tear your heart out but trust us, you’ll be back in one whole piece by the end.
Find Lock & Key on Amazon

Reaper's PropertyReaper’s MC by Joanna Wylde – One word…Horse. Reaper’s Property tops just about every Biker MC Must Read list out there and we have to agree. Each book follows a brother as he finds the woman he claims and her struggle to adapt to club life. Reaper’s Property is the book where you’ll not only be introduced to the Reapers MC but you’ll also get to meet the man himself and find out exactly how he got his road-name of Horse!
Find the Reaper’s MC on Amazon

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan  – A controversial series because of the age difference and Eva’s age when she met Deuce. It’s all platonic in the early years until Eva demands more. A forbidden romance with an obsessed crazed maniac throwing a spanner into the works just when you think life is going well. Each one of the books takes you through an emotional ride of the harsh lives of the most stoic and hardened characters out there. These are not romances. HEAs are not a given and dark times are in abundance. That said, this series is unputdownable! A warning, at the time of compiling this list this series was not complete. So many readers are desperately waiting on ZZ’s book and wondering if redemption is possible or if revenge is his only master. Preacher’s book provides a lot of closure but I can only imagine the fanfare when ZZ gets to share his story. The starting point for this series is Undeniable.

Strength And CourageSignal Bend & The Night Horde SoCal by Susan Fanetti * – If you have Kleenex’s left over from Lock & Key, you will be bringing them out again for the a Susan Fanetti read. The impossible times of loss and hardship illuminate the good times all that more. A small town MC deals with a growing problem that takes them from calm to chaos. Movie makers move into town and bring attention locals would rather not have. Each book and series follows on with the stories of characters, allowing you to see the children of the series grow into adults.

Gypsy Brothers by Lili St Germain *- A collection of books that depict the revenge of a young woman brutally attacked by Dornan Ross and his sons. She reaps havoc on the unsuspecting men who stole all that was good from her with the help of a good man who risks all for her ongoing safety.

Iron Horse MC by Ann Mayburn – This series has the rich characters, grit and action that I love in a good MC series. Each of the books have a definite HFN ending, but the drama bridges across each book with the knowledge trouble is far from over for the Iron Horse MC.


Raine FallingHells Saints MC by Paula Marinaro  – This series depicts survival combining strong characters. The women don’t turn their back on life and are surrounded by men that maintain their strength in their presence.


Dead Men's Ink

Dead Man’s Ink by Callie Hart – A spin off series from the Blood & Roses Series that shows there’s more than one side to a story. Rebel needs Sophia to help right a wrong, but they don’t see eye to eye on which is the right way to proceed. Their story spans over three books and sheds a lot of light on the choices they made on their journey of survival.

Made it through the Top 10  Series and want more?

Here’s Edgy’s highly recommended Motorcycle Club Series:

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  1. Laura Green

    Sarah Osborne, Freaks MC. Way better than Ann Mayburn Iron Horse as is Lina Andersson anr Marauders on that matter!

  2. Spice

    I’ll ask Lily about the Freaks MC. She does enjoy them but I never could get past the first one, although she has told me to give them another try. I thought it was well written, but I could not stand the hero and thought the heroine was a chump, plus it ended up ripping my heart out. I remember having a tough time rating it.

    I do love Iron Horse, so we’ll have to agree to disagree on that. We may need to move the Marauders up as Lily has just recently powered her way through them and enjoyed them as much as I did. We are both crossing our fingers that Lina Andersson will publish more of them.

    • Laura Green

      That’s really interesting because that’s my exact experience with the Iron Horse – having to force myself to finish it, don’t like the characters, Smoke and Swan are both confusing and confused, the writing’s not a patch on any of the others. I do agree with you about Freak 1, 2 is best Samson is the best character, and like Susan Fanetti, Sarah Osborne doesn’t pull the punches, main characters die! If you’ll try Sanctuary, I’ll try Exquisite Danger. I also couldn’t get past the first Gypsy Brothers, but that was years ago at the beginning of my ‘journey’ in this genre, perhaps I’ll try again. Every week I check to see if Ms Andersson has published another.

  3. Lily

    Hey Laura,
    Yes! Thank you for reminding me about Sarah Osborne’s Freaks MC series, I don’t know how I missed adding it. I too struggled with Smoke and the way he spoke which means I haven’t picked up the second book yet. I liked Swan and Smoke as a couple and had fully intended to read on but that hasn’t happened yet.

    Now as to why series are listed in the Top 10 or included in the highly recommended sections is because for once we made ourselves stick to ten. The other reason is we heavily championed for each of our recommendations to be included. This is why we also have the highly recommended section as a way of including series worthy of bumping up your TBR list.

    When we collate a Top 10 Edgy list, one of the criteria is for more than one of us to recoomend a book or series inclusion. There is usually room for us to add one or two of an individual favourite to the list. The other criteria we had was prioritising the books that got us into the genre.

    The Freak Circle are an impressive bunch of authors and to leave Sarah off this list is a faux pas IMHO. Off I go to add the Freaks MC to the highly recommended list!

    Thanks, Lily ♥️

  4. Spice

    How about this…I’ll try out Sanctuary if you agree to try Exquisite Danger. I think my favorite of the series is actually Beach and Sarah’s two books, Exquisite Redemption and Exquisite Karma. Sarah was one hell of a heroine.

    In fact, we could buddy read them. Could make for some fun discussions.

    • Spice

      You are on! Maybe start end of week? And Laura Green, if you’d like to join us for Sanctuary or one of the Exquisite books, you are more than welcome! We have fun hashing out books.

  5. Mb

    Nothing beats the Undeniable series by Madeline Sheehan. I keep searching and have enjoyed a number of those listed … but nothing surpasses Madeline’s unforgettable world.

    • Lily

      No arguments from me ? I’ve lost count the number of times I have read or listened to the Undeniable series! I am hanging out for Undying and of course ZZ’s story ~ Cheers Lily ♥️

  6. Happy

    Totally recommend Jamie Begley’s MC series – Last Riders, Predators MC and Biker Bitches.

    • Spice

      I have read Jamie Begley’s series. I enjoyed the first few of the Last Riders. I think Lucky’s was my favorite, but some of the latest ones have been seriously hit or miss for me. This is also one of those either love or hate series. I have recommended them wholeheartedly to many people, but others I know would hate them, especially ones who have a problem with “other women”. This makes it a tough series to recommend for an all-encompassing list like this one. Especially when a couple of the books have gotten some low ratings from me. That being said, I sure one-click any new ones that come out since I’ve become quite fond of the cast of characters of this unique group.

  7. Aimee

    Am I overlooking The Aces series by Nicole Jacqueline? Those definitely deserve to be on that list as well. Between the Aces and Undeniable series, those two are my faves!!!

    • Spice

      It’s at the bottom of the list under Highly Recommended. Lily loves that series, but other than the first one, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I know many readers loved it like Lily though, so it’s still a recommended series.

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