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It’s been a busy week for all of us but that didn’t stop us from reading several books or from finishing up our Buddy Read of author Sarah Curtis’ Full House. I had a blast putting together a Love Songs For Alphas Playlist and have been listening to it a lot. We lost Lily to a Girls Weekend celebrating St. Patty’s Day, although she did have time to somewhat hilariously walk me through posting to Instagram (She’s our Instagram Queen) at 1 AM her time after she got back from learning that all pubs are Irish Pubs on St. Patty’s Day, even in Australia. That’s dedication! ~Spice


By SpiceI’m happy to report my dog, Annie, has her bandages off and is happily trying to eat everything in sight. Today has been kind of a bummer since I usually go home for St. Patty’s Day. My family does a float in the parade and then we do the St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl. It’s a blast and I’m literally missing it as I type this. It’s good that I had some great books to drown my sorrows in since I’m unfortunately not drowning myself in questionable but green cocktails. You can bet I won’t be missing it next year.

I had good intentions last week with the list of books I planned to read. I did finish up Full House, and also got to Three To Ride which I adored, and the Musketeers which was a decent read. You’ll be seeing those reviews in the next few days. Before I started Guardian of Darkness though, I decided I needed to read the entire Darkness series first, including the ones I had already read. So I did and it was awesome! I did not get to Guardian of Darkness though, the book I have an ARC for. This is because I got to beta read Until Nox by Layla Frost and I scored an ARC to Until Susan by C.P. Smith. I’ve already beta read Brynne Asher’s Until Avery previously. All three of these books are in the Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World based around Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Until Series. There is a drove of them publishing on April 3. Going by the three I’ve read, you guys are in for a treat. All 3 were 5 star reads for me. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest!

Now, because of my wonderful little side trip into my Alpha Happy Place, I’m a tad bit behind. Next up is an ARC of Guardian of Darkness by Katie Reus, which I am totally stoked about. And then I get to dive into my ARC of Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston. I have been waiting for this one. It is going to be an awesome freaking reading week for me.

By LilyI can happily say I had a much better this week, showing off with a bit of baking. It’s still quite warm in Oz but without notice, the family has slowed down on their banana intake. I loathe waste, so in my wisdom, I decided to bake a healthy version of Banana Bread. Pinterest provided my inspiration and voila! I nailed it! Waiting for the bread to bake Spice and I discovered we were in the same boat with overripe bananas. Spice was one banana short of baking her recipe and I had one banana left over. A 14+ hour flight separating our kitchens meant an international pantry swap was out of the question. My solution – Waffles, Ice Cream, Banana and Chocolate Topping for dessert on Sunday evening.

My baking success spurred me on to catch up with my reviews. The books I’ve been reading of late are ones I meant to read when they came out but hadn’t got around to. As we prioritise new releases before other books, it may take a while for them to appear on Edgy.

Instagram is a domain I enjoy but it takes time to get the right picture. I was excited when I had a lightbulb moment to illustrate my dilemma of read, review or indulge last Saturday morning. Reading won out and this is what I kicked the week off with:

  • Finally finished American Prince (3.5 Stars) by Sierra Simone. I stopped and started it again so I could join in on the March Buddy Read of Full House (3 Stars) by Sarah Curtis.
  • My weeknight reading was kicked off with Resonance (4 Stars) by Lina Andersson. Slipping back into the Marauders series is my comfort zone. The ending this time came too soon LOL, I needed at least one more chapter!
  • OMG! Disgrace by Bethany-Kris (ARC) has just landed on my Kindle. Guess what will be next 😀
  • I literally jotted down a few quick thoughts about Resonance and went straight to Disgrace (CR) by Bethany-Kris. As this is the second part of John + Sienna’s story, I found I needed to go check out the last chapter of Loyalty to refresh my memory as to why they were in the situation they were in. (Shhh…my lips are zipped!).

By SparklesSince I’m finally home for an extended period of time I’ve been playing catch up both at work and at home. I’ve been tackling home improvement projects in my off time and last week it was painting. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made time for reading, though…I will always figure out how to fit a book or two in! Once I finished my ARC’s of The Firefighter’s Perfect Plan, Two of a Kind, and Full House, I dove into the same Happily Ever After Kindle World books as Spice! My plan for this week is to get my hands on as many of the other ones as I can. So far they have been alpha-tastic.

I do have a request. I’m looking for good Sci-Fi reads. You know, books with aliens/cyborgs/mixbreed alpha possessive heroes. I’d love some suggestions of good ones to check out.


Favorite Quotes of The Week


Reviews and Posts Recap: March 12 – 18

The Fire Fighter’s Perfect Plan by Sonya Weiss 
Reviewed by Sparkles
This is sweet and super nice. Maybe too nice. And clean. Maybe a measly little tingle or two. But at least Granny was the bomb.

Ember: A Dark Vampire Romance by Ditter Kellen 
Reviewed by Lily
This vampire read is so steamy and hot you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

Two Of A Kind by Abbie Zanders 
Reviewed by Sparkles
Two of the bad guys find their HEA in this sexy, fun, and surprisingly delightful romance.

Look The Part by Jewel E. Ann 
Reviewed by Sparkles
As rich in depth as it is in emotion, Sparkles devoured every word of this beautiful story.

Edgy’s Love Songs For Alphas 
Post by Spice
No wussy songs can be found on Spice’s playlist of love songs for our favorite alpha book boyfriends. Check it out and let us know your favorite alpha worthy tunes!

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