Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

March 16, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Look the Part by Jewel E. Annfive-stars
Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann
Published by Self-published on January 27th 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 381
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Flint Hopkins finds the perfect tenant to rent the space above his Minneapolis-based law office.

All the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted on Ellen’s application. Her references are good. And she’s easy on the eyes.

Until …

Flint discovers Ellen Rodgers, Board-Certified Music Therapist, plays music. Bongos, guitars, singing—not Beethoven administered through noise-cancelling headphones.

The cut-throat attorney serves up an eviction notice to the bubbly, constantly humming redhead who's too sexy for her own good. But luck is on Ellen’s side when Flint’s autistic son, Harrison, takes an instant liking to her. A single dad can’t compete with guitars—and rats. Yes, she has pet rats.

This woman …

She’s annoyingly happy with a constant need to touch him—adjust his tie, button his shirt, invade his space, and mess with his mind.

Still …

She must go.

Their lust-hate relationship escalates into something beautiful and tragic. This sexy, romantic-comedy explores the things we want, the things we need, and the impossible decisions parents and children make to survive.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By Sparkles

Holy. Freaking. Crap.

It’s thanks to a fabulous author, who mentioned this book on her Facebook page, that I found myself reading Look the Part. What first caught my attention was the intriguing blurb that included the words “single-dad” (my kryptonite), along with all the praise the book received. It was the beautiful story with engaging writing, that had me devouring every word until the very last line.

This story worked for me in absolutely every aspect. It has great banter, completely OTT chemistry, and two (or maybe three) wounded souls desperately trying to avoid meaningful connections but failing miserably.

Flint, a successful lawyer is living his life for his autistic son, Harrison. There are reasons for this, reasons that weigh heavy on his soul. Because of this, he has heavy issues he didn’t even begin to handle until Elle waltzed into his life. He was hot, broody and set on not deserving happiness or enjoyment except as Harrison’s parent. His depth of feeling, his self-imposed penance and his dedication to his son soon changes the total jerk he appears to be in the beginning.

Elle was completely charming. I’m pretty sure she must have been a fairy in a previous life. Filled with a joy for life, she was a ray of sunshine, humming, dancing and disrupting her new landlord’s structured world. There was something completely satisfying in witnessing Elle messing with Flint, and their encounters were as sexy as they were hilarious. Once we learn of her past, her cheerfulness becomes more awe-inspiring.

Look the Part is probably going to go straight to the top of my favorite-reads-of-the-year list. It had me smiling, laughing out loud as well as frowning and outright bawling my eyes out.

This story of Elle, Flint and Harrison becoming a family is as rich in depth as it is emotions—it evokes all of the feels. This tale of unconditional love, sacrifice, loss and learning to reach for happiness again is one I highly recommend. I loved it so, so much I just don’t know how to do it justice and get everybody to read it. A new to me author, I’m seeing a lot of Jewel E. Ann books in my near future.

Rating: 5 “Rat Babies –OMG Lol” Stars

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