Syn. by London Miller

January 21, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Syn. by London Millerfive-stars
Syn. by London Miller
Series: Den of Mercenaries #6
Also in this series: Red., Celt., Nix.
Published by Self-published on January 18, 2018
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 298
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ONE NIGHT WAS ALL HE WANTED ... Synek ‘Syn’ Jøsson has never been anything more than a jaded, broken man trying not to lose himself in his darker urges, but sometimes, the need to do something reckless proves too strong.

ONE NIGHT WAS ALL SHE NEEDED ... Every job brings Iris Adler one step closer to the vengeance she swore against the men that murdered her father, so when she‘s tasked with finding a man that’s as terrifying as he is tempting, she refuses to back down.

ONE NIGHT WAS MORE THAN THEY BARGAINED FOR ... Two broken people searching for a way out of the darkness. One impossible relationship they never saw coming. Nothing proves more complicated than love in all the wrong places.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By LilySyn is a mysterious, elusive character. I was ecstatic when my heart skipped a beat at the thought of him finding his significant other. The glimpse into what Syn’s story held left it clear to readers his journey to happiness was marred from the start. My thoughts: where’s the thrill in a smooth ride?

He was practically a human lie detector. Yet he hadn’t seen Iris coming.

The introduction depicts a harrowing scene I found tough to push through. These guys don’t do easy so I wasn’t surprised but gee, this guy deserved a break! I shouldn’t have stressed of course, he has demonstrated his resilience and strength on numerous occasions prior and he didn’t lose his endurance when he was faced with accepting the harsh card fate had dealt him.

He had been on borrowed time for years, so he wasn’t surprised at the nightmare he was living in but it was not how he had pictured his last moments. It was an observation rather than a disappointment on his part. This was the price to pay for letting his guard down.

Revenge drives the drama from several angles in the first part of Syn’s story. The mystery feeds into the suspense as does the complicated romance evolving between Syn and Iris. Syn exudes pheromones I am sure surfaced continuously. The minimal scenes where he used his charm on Iris were limited but there was never any doubt on their attraction to each other. His promise to have her reach an orgasm in less than three minutes followed by his willingness to continue ravishing her until she tapped out was one of the hottest scenes I have read!

Iris wasn’t a delicate little flower as her name might have suggested. She had thorns sharp enough to prick, and for reasons Synek wouldn’t delve into, he liked the sting.

Iris came across as softer than I expected. She was every bit as strong as I imagined she would be and she faced the confrontations that came her way in stride. I thought the combination of warmth and determination in her admirable and as such I was right behind her being with Syn. The impression I picked up from other character’s reactions to Syn being with her echoed my surprise, adding to the credibility of the plot. I blame my misconceptions on the impromptu knife throwing demonstration she provided when we first met her.

The Wild Bunch were circling the floor, watchful and alert. But, there was no one left standing—Synek had made sure of that.

The mercenaries can never switch off without their handler calling them to yield his power and Syn was no exception. United they present a formidable force field of unquestionable control to all who they stand before. Knowing Syn needs to deal with the Wraith once and for all he is given a short reprieve to end the threat they pose to him and Iris. Efficiency I’m sure is the middle name of each of the mercenaries Syn works with and it was refreshing he chose to use teamwork to help with the threat that had hung over him for far too long.

The ending was not a cliffhanger, rather a time to inhale and consider the chessboard and contemplate the next move. After all, a gauntlet has been thrown down and he was determined his victory was his to take. I can feel the pieces of this puzzle locking into place, the final picture of what we will see still a mystery. Syn’s story was worth the wait, exceeding my expectations and delivered the book buzz I anticipated.

5 Stars


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