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All’s well that ends well… 2017 wasn’t a walk in the park for me. It came with a totally unexpected health drama I had the fortune to overcome, but I’m pretty sure the virtual hand-holding Spice and Lily did through all my ordeal was one of the reasons it went as well as it did (it’s all good now). Fortunately, some of my favorites authors along with some new to me authors I discovered this year provided me with the distraction I needed. As always, HEAs, baby filled epilogues, kick-ass heroines and alpha heroes was what I looked for in my reads.

And now that time has come… that time of the year I most certainly don’t anticipate where my dearest co-bloggers force me to pick my favorites read of the year. And not only that but then I have to only name 10! This obviously goes beyond any skill I possess, so I’ll give you my top 10-ish of some of my favorites of 2017.

This year’s honorary mention goes to books I loved but couldn’t find a way to somehow sneak into the actual top 10 and some books I loved but didn’t get the chance to write a review for (yet).

My Top Ten of 2017 (in no particular order)

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The Cad and the Co-EdThe Cad and the Co-Ed by L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid

A year later and these words are still true: this series is fantastic and I’m LOVING it. Not only is this book fun, sweet, sexy and full of feels but it’s the best secret baby book I’ve ever read. Not sure you need to know much more, but I highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys reading. This story with a devoted single mom and the sexiest baby daddy ever made me smile from start to finish.

Rock Chick Reawakening  + The Hookup by Kristen Ashley

This year, our dearest KA brought us some fabulous reads. My first book of 2017 was actually Daisy and Marcus’ story, which is a prequel to the epic Rock Chick series and reads as the best epilogue in the history of the written word (slight exaggeration). With a bit of action and minor suspense, this is all about the love. There’s some sexiness to it, but it’s mostly about the wooing and how Daisy and Marcus became who they are.

The Hookup is sweet, sexy, engaging, has a little bit of drama and a whole new KA universe to dive into. I loved every second of it, but as I read it right after a Sweet Dreams and Lady Luck re-read I couldn’t help to compare it. The lack of multiple complicated layers of suspense makes this a mostly relationship driven romance and while I’m not really complaining, there were a couple of ex’s that could have played a bigger drama-inducing role. Still, Ms. Ashley remains one of my favorite authors and whose work I usually compare other books to.

Road-Tripped by  Nicole Archer

I “discovered” Ms. Archer with this book, and I wanted to kick myself in the ass because I could have read this long before I actually got to it, and it was absolutely brilliant. Amidst the harsh issues, it touches there are humor, great banter and hot and steamy sexy times. It left me happy and satisfied with the world and smiling from ear to ear. I highly recommend this one.

Fury by Cat Porter

If we have to get technical, I didn’t write a review for this one either… In my defense though, I couldn’t as I did some proofreading for Ms. Porter (this ended up being kind of in the middle of my “complication” so if anyone found a typo it was totally my fault). Unfortunately, I can’t not put Fury in my Top 10 as it was a story that kicked my ass, killed me, made me laugh, cry and burn with the injustice of it all and at the same time made me believe in love. A lot darker and grittier than my usual read, I just can’t say no to a book by Ms. Porter as I know she’ll make me feel anything she wants to and still make me thank her for the privilege. So… Ms. Porter, could we have it a little easier next time, because I know I will love it but my innards kind of would like a smoother ride.

Lure of Oblivion+ Fierce Obsession by  Suzanne Wright 

Every time a new Phoenix/Mercury Pack book comes out I’m worried she won’t be able to give me another great story, and every single time I am proved wrong. I’m well aware these two books aren’t in the same series, but both are so intertwined in the storyline that I just see them as one.

Here we get more mixed-shifter couples as well as our first ever witnessed human-shifter mated pair!!! (see those exclamation points? That’s me actually dancing in my chair while I type this. I really, really loved this last couple). Here we got the hunky alpha males, the kick-ass heroines, the action, the humor, a little bit of suspense and a lot of hot sex. Did I mention the dirty, dirty talking? There was even a change of locale in Lure of Oblivion which was refreshing. I can’t ask much more from a PNR, right? Oh, wait! yes, I actually can. I’m hoping for a little mating ceremony-baby arriving epilogue instead of old plain butt-claiming sex if Ms. Wright wouldn’t mind. Not that we don’t love it, but I kind of need a new cub right about now.

Gifts by Brynne Asher

This is, without a doubt, Ms. Asher’s best work yet. And as her previous books didn’t suck in the least, this one is just totally amazing. I was blown away with Asa and Keelie’s story which is funny, sexy, and sweet. With off the charts hot chemistry and scorching sexy shenanigans there’s also action, suspense and great supporting characters (and animals). This one just cemented Ms. Asher into my favorite author’s list.

The Black Lily + The Red Lily + The White Lily  by Juliette Cross

So, clearly, this series is totally kicking ass and it was the most amazing way to meet a new author. This take on the traditional fairy tales put a new spin on Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Snow White.


Not only are all the heroes here superiorly hot and skilled and possessive and badass vampires but our heroines are the very definition of kick ass. And just let me tell you, I’m currently reading the next installment of the series and it’s so, so good I know it’s going straight into my Top Ten of next year (or this year…you know what I mean). There is no doubt in my mind everyone should read these stories. They’re packed with action, intrigue, romance, sexiness and there’s a good-vs-evil-we-will-save-the-world-whatever-the-cost encompassing story arch any nerdish person (like me) will totally dig. A perfect example of fantastic writing in paranormal romance.

And yes, I did manage to squeeze three for the price of one into this Top Ten… Spice will probably have some choice words for me because of this, but it’s totally worth it.


Sweet Victory by Gina L Maxwell

This has romance, a little intrigue and lots and lots of scorching hot sextivities. A tattooed, pierced, green-haired, pin-up-styled, sassy and sexy baker meets a massively muscled, tattooed, charming, witty, very bossy, alpha male British MMA fighter. I’m not sure I need to say much more but everything in this story worked for me. Ms. Maxwell rightfully deserves a spot on my fave author’s list.

Tempt the Boss  by Natasha Madison

Another new-to-me-author that blew my mind. This one had me laughing my ass off from start to finish, the sexy scenes are absurdly hot, their chemistry outstanding. I loved everyone and everything about this story especially when it was so not the book I was expecting. One warning though, if supposedly adult people acting hilariously immature bugs you stay away from this story. If not, prepare to get rocked… by all the laughing you’ll be doing!

Ashes by Suzanne Wright 

This series just keeps getting better and better… And this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually like series about the same couple. With a great twist on the usual paranormal, Ms. Wright takes us into a whole new world within our world with the alpha-est, bossiest and possessiveiest of all males ever written. Paired with a complete kick-ass weirdo for a heroine this is high high high on my favorites books of the year.

This is what I wrote about the second book in the series Blaze, and it’s still true for this new installment. It was full of action, suspense and I did not see any of that coming. I can’t wait to see what will happen next. Also, technically I didn’t write a full review for this book (because it was released around the time I was getting ready for surgery) but I did talk about it with Spice and she did mention me in her review… so there, it counts and I freaking LOVED this one.

Honorable Mentions I

Bittersweet Blood + Bittersweet Christmas by Nina Croft

A totally kickass paranormal series that I get the chance to get a taste of… Vampires, shifters, demons and anything else you can come up with. Magic, fights, suspense and all the sexy shenanigans you could wish for along with funny banter, strong heroines and alpha possessive males. I seriously need to get my hands on the couple of installments I missed…

Honorable Mentions II


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