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By SpiceWhen I’m having a tough year I tend to do rereads rather than dive into something new. Last year was a bit rough so it was no surprise I picked up some of my reliable favorites including Rock Chicks, Phoenix Pack, and Dragon Kin series. When it came time for me to put this list together, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have ten highly rated new books. I was thrilled to find I had 15 spectacular reads and it wasn’t easy to pare them down to the Top Ten. I had fun revisiting them, rereading my reviews, and reminding myself of what drew me to them in the first place.

Contemporary, paranormal, biker and dark romance genres are all represented here. I prefer my reads to have at least some suspense and grit to them and my Top Ten list reflects this. Just by looking back over my list, I know I’ll be starting a round of rereads soon. I can’t wait to revisit my favorite characters from 2017.

My Top Ten of 2017

Rock Chick ReawakeningRock Chick Reawakening

I cannot tell you how jealous I was that Sparkles got an ARC of this and I didn’t. When I finally got my hands on it, I smiled, I laughed, I even cried a little as Daisy got the Happily Ever After she deserved and that I always dreamed she would get. And Marcus… OMG. He is the most gentlemanly alpha-hole ever and I ate that shizzle up!

Fury by Cat PorterFury

Fury was raw and painful, yet achingly beautiful. Cat Porter even managed to make a sex scene scorchingly hot, but painfully heartbreaking at the same time. Fury was dark as night in places, meaning I required some handholding from my girls to get me through at times. The violence, heartbreak, and sacrifices were all worth it as I found myself smiling through my tears in the end.

They Unyielding by Shelly LaurenstonThe Unyielding 

The Unyielding was my dream fantasy book—a Lord of the Rings-type book but with lots of snark, laughter, gratuitous violence and sexy shenanigans. We not only get to spend time with beloved characters from the first two books, we meet all sorts of different characters, including various gods, dark elves, giants, dwarves, a dragon, but the weirdest of all were the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse! I was in my mythological fantasy happy place.

Shade's Lady by Joanna WyldeShade’s Lady

I freaking adored Shade’s Lady! It’s been awhile since I laughed quite so much in a biker book. Shade didn’t topple Horse from his throne, but he got close. Shade’s Lady was sweet, witty, funny and sexy as hell with just a touch of grit and ended up being my idea of the perfect little biker fairytale.

American Hellhound

Before American Hellhound, I had a grudging respect for Ghost, after reading it though, I’m in love. American Hellhound answered so many questions, including some I didn’t even know I had. It was beautifully written, gritty, and showcased an imperfect couple who were perfect together. This is a case of a book being completely worth the wait.

Savage Rising by Katie ReusSavage Rising

With a sexy Ocean’s 11 Vibe to it (but without the anti-heroes), this was fun, sexy, full of action and suspense which kept me reading until the wee hours. Not only did I love the main characters, I even loved to hate the bad guy. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Redemption Harbor crew!

Leap of the Lion

If you love paranormal romance and you haven’t checked out this series, you are missing out. Centered around a small town filled with shifters, these books are full of emotions, some tough situations, and loads of chemistry. Leap of the Lion was everything I expected: an emotional journey that was action packed and although a slow burn at first, it was hot as Hades too.

Fierce Obsessions

I started this and then immediately knew I’d hit the dirty talking alpha-hole motherlode. Holy cow! Just the memory of all the hot, sexy, awesomeness of Tao has me smiling. Riley was pretty freaking amazing too! You just can’t go wrong with a book that’s fun, full of suspense, and hotter than Hades.

The Storm by RJ PrescottThe Storm

RJ Prescott continues to impress. Written in the same world as her Hurricane series, I had a hard time writing the review for this because I was scared I wouldn’t do it justice. The Storm was sweet, sexy, emotional, and even gut-wrenching at times, but with just the right amount of humor to get you through.

White Wolf by Lauren GilleyWhite Wolf

This is heartbreaking, unforgiving in its darkness, even completely gutting me at one point. It’s not even a true romance, although there is a romance aspect to it. But, the mystery and suspense and the slow buildup of tempo completely pulled me under White Wolf’s spell. When I reached the last page I just sat there for a minute, eyes blinking as I stared at the words “The End”. I cannot wait for Red Rooster.


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