A Drop in Paradise by Alex L. Michaels

December 18, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★½

A Drop in Paradise by Alex L. Michaelstwo-half-stars
A Drop of Paradise by Alex L. Michaels
Series: Bookworms & Alphas #1
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on August 28th 2017
Pages: 284
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She needs peace and quiet. He's a distraction.She wants to be left alone. He's inevitable.She has a writer's block. He might be the cure.

The only thing Jessica Slade wanted was some peace and quiet, and to finally finish her book.So, a place called A Drop of Paradise was supposed to do the trick. With its stunning sandy beaches, crystal clear, aquamarine waters and tropical sunsets, it was supposed to cure more than a writer's block. But, when an unfortunate series of events leaves her stranded on a remote island with an overbearing, arrogant, roguish, but ruggedly handsome stranger, her life starts to seem much more like the romance novels that she writes about. Broad-shouldered Mike Stone is irresistible, sexy and cooler than a mojito in your hand, and maybe even a perfect, muscled ideal for the cover of her next novel, but not all the imagination in the world could prepare her for what can happen between two strangers on a spit of sand, when sparks start to fly and anger turns to lust.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyMike Stone saved the day in more ways than one in A Drop in Paradise. He was the voice of reason as the story meanders through a series of mishaps that keeps Mike and Jessica together.  If you dreamed up the guy you would hope to be stranded on a deserted island there’s a good chance Mike would be your man! Jessica on the other hand drove me crazy with her flippant, indecisive and dismissive interactions with Mike.

Jessica has taken off to holiday island with the intention of switching off from life and finishing the book she is writing. The beginning of the story delves in and out of Jessica’s mind, sharing snippets of the novel she is determined to write quickly discovering her island retreat is not the environment she envisaged. Distractions were persistently getting between her and her characters. At this rate there was no way her book was going to happen unless it could write itself.

There’s a lot going on to the point I was waiting for a paranormal or psychological twist to come out or an identical twin to justify the dramatic change in Jessica’s behaviour. Unfortunately there was no explanation for her chopping and changing her mind. Then there was the stopping and starting of acting on the undeniable attraction they felt for each other. While Mike had no problems expressing how he felt, the poor guy was receiving mixed messages from Jessica. Now, there were a lot of interruptions from various peoples that went some way to explaining why they never got past kissing for the majority of the book but what astounded me was her running hot and cold. Her reservations were surprising considering from all accounts her writing was alluded to as being explicit.

The dramas Jessica and Mike were forced to endure had a comical and surreal air to them with moments where the situations were wrapped up with scant details and far too quickly. While the ending did bring the story to a conclusion that summed up her destination being pivotal to the plot, it didn’t make up for the confusion brought on by the reason they were stranded in the first place. I am glad I was able to read this book without interruptions in order to keep up with Jessica and her adventure.

In between the frustrations, there was a lot to enjoy in this story. The banter Jessica and Mike shared was entertaining and I always believed they were meant for each other.

2.5 Stars

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