Freebies & Bargains!

November 26, 2017 EDGy Extra 0

Freebies & Bargains!

By LilyHello!

I have been having a field day 1-Clicking freebies on Amazon and I thought since I found so many it would be easier to share them in a blog post rather then posting them individually on Facebook and Twitter as per usual.

Some of the books I have on my TBR list or they just grabbed my attention. What can I say, my book budget didn’t take a hit and my Kindle is filled to the brim!

As with all freebies and bargains, they can change in the blink of an eye, so be sure to check before you 1-Click. Each of the books listed below were free for me at the time of posting ūüôā

Happy reading x

  • Pennies by Pepper Winters #FirstInSeries¬†#Dark #Suspense –¬†¬†Amazon¬†*¬†Goodreads
  • The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon¬†#Suspense –¬†¬†Amazon¬† *¬†Goodreads
  • Marriage Games by CD Reiss¬†#FirstInDuet #Erotica #Romance –¬†Amazon¬†*¬†Review¬†* Goodreads
  • Road Kill MC Boxed Set (1-3): Noose, Knot and Rose by¬†Marata Eros¬†#FirstInSeries #Biker –¬†Amazon *¬†Goodreads
  • King by TM Frazier #FirstInSeries #Dark –¬†Amazon *¬†Review * Goodreads¬†
  • Dirty Little Secrets: A J.J. Graves Mystery by Liliana Hart #FirstInSeries #Mystery –¬†Amazon * Goodreads
  • Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent¬†#FirstInSeries #Humor – Amazon * Review * Goodreads
  • Shopping for a Billionaire 2 by Julia Kent¬†#Humor – Amazon * Review * Goodreads¬†
  • Dangerous: (A Mafia Bad Boy Romance) by Nora Ash¬†#FirstInSeries #Suspense – Amazon * Goodreads
  • Maid for Love by Marie Force¬†#FirstInSeries¬† #SecondChanceRomance-¬†Amazon * Goodreads
  • Monday by EL Todd #FirstInSeries #SecondChanceRomance – Amazon * Goodreads¬†
  • A Dragon’s Family Album by Thea Harrison¬†#Shifters #Dragons #ElderRacesSeries **Not First In Series!** Amazon * Goodreads


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