Wild Pride by Kristen Banet

November 24, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Wild Pride by Kristen Banetthree-half-stars
Wild Pride by Kristen Banet
Series: The Kingson Pride
Published by Self-published on October 20, 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 293
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*This is a Reverse Harem series with graphic scenes, mature language, and mature themes. suitable for ages 18+*
*Full length novel of 100,000 words*

Twenty-three year old Riley Stern has lived in Wild Junction for two years living a mediocre life that she was content with. Just content. It was nothing special and she was alright with that but she desperately wanted more.
Then five locals move back into town after disappearing a decade before, the boys of the Kingson Estate and they have reputations that Riley should want to avoid. They are sexy and powerful in ways that draws her to them like a moth to a flame. Then they tell her she’s only half-human and make her an offer she doesn’t want to refuse:
Join the pride and become part of the family and learn everything about what she is.
Too bad her body wants much more then to become part of the family and so do theirs. Too bad that there is much more to this deal then meets the eye and she doesn’t even know it.

The Kingson Pride, infamous due to their youth and ruthlessness. Brenton Kingson, Zachary Woods, Andrew Hicks, Troy and Gabe Walker. Five of the richest, most successful, and bitter feline shifters that walk the earth. They just wanted to go home to Wild Junction after a decade of building their reputation for a quiet life away from all the other feline shifters. Yet, when they get back they find a half-breed feline shifter living in their town which is unacceptable. Faced with the fact that they all want her, she has no idea what she is, and there are secrets in her life that terrify them, they finally make the decision to add one more member to their pride. And once she’s in the pride, they need to keep all hell from breaking loose.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI’m working on a big project with a deadline so of course, in true me-fashion, I was procrastinating as hard as I possibly could. If anyone asks I was researching when I stumbled upon Wild Pride by Kristen Banet, a first time author. Forewarned of editing issues but also intrigued by the reviews stating there is actually a decent story in there, I decided that my “research” should include a detour into Wild Pride.

I’ll start by acknowledging the elephant in the room. I can’t tell you the editing sucks because there obviously was none. Nada. Zip. With grammar errors, spelling issues, and even missing words, I’d find it hard to believe anyone even read this over at all much less ran a spell check on it. Not being perfect myself, I’m not one of those grammar police types and have no problem looking over small editing issues if the story is not lost in the telling, but this went way beyond that. It was bad and I wouldn’t blame anyone for a dnf or a 1 star based on presentation alone.

The good news is buried way down deep underneath all those errors is a decent little story. We are introduced to an interesting little town with some even more interesting characters in it. It’s got a dash of mystery, suspense, some action, and lots of chemistry to spice things up.

I liked the heroine. She’s had a tough life where nothing went her way until fate landed her in this tiny little town. On the run from an abusive boyfriend she’s making it as best she can. It’s a reverse harem story so we have not one but five hot sexy shifters as the heroes, each with unique personalities that made you want to know more about them. I do wish we’d gotten deeper into the heroes early lives and their family issues, but as this is an ongoing series based around the same characters, I have a feeling that’s going to come.

I did like that this was a surprisingly slow burn for a MMMMMF book. I actually liked the fact she didn’t immediately jump into the sack with the five of them, either all together or separate. They had to work at it, gain her trust and then gain her affections. I actually found this odd since she didn’t have a problem with her sexuality and it was known she had the occasional one night stand with tourists who passed through. I chalked that up to her knowing this would actually mean something if it happened.

What bothered me was that towards the end I felt the author lost her nerve a bit with the whole reverse harem aspect. There was some playing around one on one, and two on one, and eventually there was some actual sex between Riley and Brenton, the alpha of the pride, but we were told and not shown most of the good stuff with the rest of the group. This was disappointing.

Besides the lack of editing and the misstep with the steamy stuff, there were some plot holes but nothing that sent me into full on frustration mode. In the end, I was invested enough in the characters despite the issues that I’m looking forward to the release of the next one in the series. I’m just hoping that the author invests in a good editor, or at the very least runs a spell check and engages a beta reader before she hits publish.

Rating: 3.5 Good Editors Are Worth Their Weight In Gold Stars


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