Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre

October 25, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torrethree-half-stars
Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre
Series: Innocence #1
Published by Harlequin HQN on January 28th 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
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Expanded Edition

"I'm not sure what you have been told about me, but I'm not nearly as bad as they make me out to be." His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego.

I'm sure you are exactly as bad as they make you out to be….

Brad De Luca is used to getting whatever and whomever he wants. The premier divorce attorney in town, he's a playboy who's bedded half the city—including his own clients. And when the newest intern at his firm poses a challenge, his seductive prowess goes into overdrive.

Pre-law student Julia Campbell is fresh off a failed engagement and happy with her new independence. Even if she weren't warned away from Brad at every turn, she'd know he was bad news. The last thing she needs is a man who could destroy her job prospects, not to mention her innocence. But before she knows it, the incorrigible charmer has her under his spell. His deviant tastes plunge her deep into a forbidden world of sexual exploration…but her heart may not survive the fall.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyI found myself reaching for Blindfolded Innocence after watching Hollywood Dirt on Passionflix. I needed to more know about the infamous Brad de Luca. The title led me to assume where this story was headed but I was slightly off the mark. What I encountered was a romance with a forbidden air to it that I quickly became immersed in.

Brad de Luca’s reputation was solidified in my head way before I began this book. I must say, he well and truly lived up to my expectations. He has a career dealing with divorces which has left him with a jaded view of relationships. That said, his expectations for what to avoid was admirable. No one wants to see something good turn to crap and fall apart around you.

Julia has acquired an internship with a law firm and is determined to focus on her career. She was a strong character who garnered my respect early on with her determination to succeed. Avoiding Brad was a challenge but she was up to the task, that is until fate had other plans for her. When he came into the picture her ability to stay focused was skewed and she suddenly was okay with quickly changing her plans where Brad was involved. Understandable, but I was up for a bit more angst.

While not in Brad’s league when it came to lifestyles, Julia was far from innocent and capable of holding her ground. This led to some good banter and I enjoyed the wit sprinkled throughout this story. This quote alone left me smirking long after I had read it:

“I am young, and he’s practically ancient. But he has managed to make this trip so far without his walker, and I am still fresh-faced and innocent, so there is hope for us yet.”

Ms. Torre introduced a debate close to my heart relating to the different standards society has on women and appropriate behavior in and outside the workplace. I thought both Brad and Julia expressed their opinions well on the social side of the argument and the interactions between others highlighted issues in the workplace that all the interns had to contend with. When it came to Brad de Luca, it was abundantly clear why the others had strong opinions about the repercussions (or benefits!) of becoming involved with him.

At times Blinded Innocence read like a fantasy. I was waiting for Julia to realise she had reached the point of exhaustion and had woken up from a rather colourful daydream! This was a good read and a reminder to add the other books in the Innocence series to my ever growing TBR list, along with the rest of Alessandra Torre’s books I have yet to read.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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