American Savages by J.J. McAvoy

October 8, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

American Savages by J.J. McAvoythree-half-stars
American Savages Series: Ruthless People #3
Also in this series: Ruthless People, The Untouchables, A Bloody Kingdom
Published by NYLA on March 19, 2015
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 547
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“Villains by Choice."

Betrayed. Melody is nowhere to be found, Liam is in jail, and the Callahan family is cracking, just as Avian Doers, the FBI Director and puppet master behind their downfall, planned.

But just because they’re down doesn't mean they’re out. To fight back, Liam and Melody will have to put everything on the line. The kid gloves are coming off, and no one is getting out alive. Nothing will compare to the reign of terror that is about to envelope the entire country. First they were Ruthless, now they are pure Savages. The end is here, and no one is safe…

18+ Adults Only for violence and sex.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyMelody finds herself in the midst of her darkest nightmare early on in this installment of the Ruthless People series. Being faced with the dilemma of who to trust is a battle Melody has not encountered since childhood when her father instilled a clear message she could only trust in herself. Liam has done his best to convince her he and his family would always have her back but old habits are hard to break. Recent events reinforce her father’s teachings and she quickly throws off any notion of reliance on others.

With the city and the public’s opinion of the Callahans at an all-time low, they need go from ruthless to savage. Boy, that took me by surprise even though it was blatantly clear in the title. Their reasons for being savage was forced upon them as they did all to keep their family safe and survive. That’s not to say the Callahans are innocent – far from it! Their enemies were just as savage and in a strange way the degree of violence both parties engaged was justified.  

The Callahan home front is in damage control with the shocking news of a rat of the two legged variety somehow within their ranks. One is obvious and the other is a major shock. It’s not as clear cut as it appears towards the end. I am still unsure if the catalyst for deceit was motivated by insanity or love.

It was unnerving as the reasons for Melody and Liam’s troubles were revealed. Each and every single one of them open up another can of worms as to what is going on and what it will mean for the Callahan family. What is evident is that everything happening has taken a toll on Melody’s ability to remain stoic. And that’s saying something, because she is one of the most resilient tough anti-heroines out there.  

Revenge is laced with bitter sweetness as final words spoken by their enemies open the door to demons of the past. While American Savages hasn’t been my favourite of the series, it was still a book I am glad I have read!

Rating: 3.75 Stars

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