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Always by Bethany-Kris

Always: A Legacy Novel by Bethany-Kris
Series: Cross + Catherine #1
Also in this series: Revere: A Legacy Novel, Unruly: A Legacy Novel, Naz & Roz
Published by Self-published on October 2, 2017
Pages: 416
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A Legacy Novel

A wild boy.A sly girl.

Cross Donati defines trouble. He does what he wants because he’s never known anything different. He’s unapologetic, and he owns it.

Catherine Marcello is every bit a good girl … on the outside. Her entire world is a legacy, and she lives it. She’s curious, and she’s exploring it.

She chases bad things.He never learned to be good.

They’re late nights, stolen cars, first times, fist fights, leather jackets, beaches, bloody smiles, and life.They’re vicious and precious, dangerous and harmless, innocence and sin. They are love.

Love is killing for someone.Love is living for someone.

Sometimes, you can’t keep saving your heart when it means sacrificing it, too.Sometimes, you have to learn to save yourself.Sometimes, love has to fall, crash, and burn.

This is what love is like when you’re a principe and principessa della mafia.This is what love is like when you’re Cross Donati and Catherine Marcello.


Always is a Legacy Novel, and while it is standalone, it can also act as a prequel for Revere. Each Legacy Novel stands alone from any other book, series, or collection.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Reviewed LilyWow!

Bethany-Kris’ latest book, Always delivered a massive punch to my emotions. With my mind abuzz with what I had just read, I needed to sleep on my thoughts before I could begin writing this review. First and foremost, I need to share that Cross Donati and Catherine Marcello’s story was epic. Notice the familiarity in their names? If you don’t there’s no need to stress as the duet written as a standalone.

Always is based upon a mafia romance surrounding the offspring of infamous mafia pseudo royalty. Cross is known within their world as the principe and Catherine, the reginella, or in English, the prince and the little queen. During their youth they reveled recklessly until they reach the stage where engaging in adulting is at the forefront. Only then does the weight of the life they were born into become an overwhelming reality for them both.

While the story begins with a youthful Cross and Catherine, it’s the nature of their upbringings that takes their journey on a surreal pathway. Being exposed to the crime world, limited to an extent by their age, they developed an awareness where they acquired a level of knowledge which denied them the innocence of a normal childhood. The upside of this for me as a reader was the story never came across as anything other than that of headstrong, determined people destined for a life way beyond the schoolyard.

It was blatantly clear they were marking time, barely tolerating the restrictions placed on them by their youth. What struck me as unusual was the relative freedom they were reluctantly given by their respective parents. My eyes were popping out of my head more than once at them not being pulled into line. It’s a miracle I’m not grieving for either or both of them, with both surviving on more good luck than anything else!

Always took an interesting harsh look at the consequences of the fictional world of organised crime. The struggles Cross and Catherine endured tore at my heartstrings. Thankfully an excerpt from the next book is included giving me sufficient reprieve to move on until I can continue with their story.

4.5 Destined for forever Stars


Always is a Legacy Novel, and while it is standalone, it can also act as a prequel for Revere. Each Legacy Novel stands alone from any other book, series, or collection.



Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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