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CowSex by Lesley Jones

CowSex by Lesley Jones
Published by Self-published on September 29, 2017
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When you add two strangers to a cabin, in the middle of a snow storm, the obvious happens...


When Essex lifestyle blogger and fashionista, Gracie Elliott crash lands into the life of Colorado mountain man Koa Carmichael, fists, chemistry and sexual banter ensue.  After sharing some sweet, emotional as well as laugh-out-loud moments, they find it impossible to deny that they might have just discovered what neither of them knew they were looking for.
CowSex, sometimes all you need is a little bit.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


By LilyDon’t ask, just read on!

When I first heard Lesley Jones had written a romantic comedy I was so excited. What I didn’t know about was the title. Having listened to Lesley speak at a forum some years ago, I was struck by her captivating and frank personality. This swayed me to give a book with a ‘don’t ask me’ title a go! Glad I read it but I’m still wondering how on earth I am going to talk about it without mentioning the title is another story.

To begin with, as you can imagine I was stuck on the title. I’ve been around a few decades or more and it struck me that I have no idea about bovine copulation. Not being naive, I can figure it out but how that relates to a romantic comedy had me dumbfounded or to be frank, freaked out! Was it a wild-them-ride? Could it be a rodeo ride – over in seconds? Or was it a gentle roam in the paddock without a care in the world? Of course, this led to some fun gif sharing between the girls as I pondered the options. If you search for cows in gifs you’ll have a good idea about the juvenile exchange LOL.

Once I got past the title and began reading it was the language barrier that was the first fence to be scaled. It provided a distraction to break the ice for what was an awkward initial meeting between Gracie and Koa. They both speak English but different versions. As an Aussie, I’ve grown up with rhyming slang. I rarely use it these days and to be honest I can only recall using it in jest. So it seemed strange to hear someone rattling slang off in everyday dialog. Once I dropped my initial squinty eye side glance, I accepted Gracie as a quirky, fun character.

Gracie’s vacation had gone from a romantic getaway with her now ex to a retreat to start anew. Meeting Koa was not what she expected at all. She was searching for solitude and inspiration. It was obvious right for the beginning no matter what she was after that fate had another plan for her and Koa. Their chemistry was hot but railroaded at times by their hesitation. The timeline of their hello to HELLO percentage wise in the book was not fast but if you counted the weeks it was less than a month!

I adored Koa. He was easy to connect with and once he was hit with cupid’s arrow he was all about being the guy for Gracie. The only problem was he had sworn off relationships and with his crazy exes, this was no surprise. Koa is the complete package with good looks, a caring nature mixed in with a tad of broodiness, talented and a good friend circle. Lee is one friend in particular who needs a book of his own considering he has to be the best unsolicited wingman a guy could wish for!

Gracie is a feisty woman who doesn’t hold back on sharing her opinions being and the kind of woman best to have as a friend rather than a foe. She comes up with some out there one liners I hadn’t heard before. This added a unique freshness to the story that I enjoyed. There were times though, where she set my eyeballs rolling but as this was a comedy, I had no worries overlooking a few antics here and there.

There was more than one occasion I smirked during Gracie and Koa’s story. I shared my highlighting of a few of the funny moments with my hubby who after getting over the title laughed with me. Yes, this is probably the first review I can recall when I haven’t repeated the title once! While I found the first chapters heavily focused on pointing out the difference in British and American’s use of the English language and a tad on the OTT side, it was the warmth of the story that won me over!

3.75 Entertaining and Quirky Stars


“He scoops ice out of a drawer in the freezer and wraps the tea towel around it before heading back towards me and placing his makeshift ice pack gently on the back of my wrist.

“Hold this in place,” he orders. I do as I’m told—with a lot of concentration, this is something I am occasionally able to do.

I continue to watch him as he repeats his movements from earlier, only this time he slides the ice pack under my wrist.

He then proceeds to retrieve what I assume are a couple of painkillers from a pack he takes from the pantry. He hands them to me, and I put them in my mouth before accepting a bottle of water he pulled from the fridge.

“You drugging me?” I question.

“Yep. They’re magic pills that stop you from talking, but they only work on beautiful girls. Not sure if you qualify.”

“Oh, and he’s a fucking comedian as well as a first-aider. What other skills can you impress me with, Cowboy?”

He scratches at his beard and gives his head a slight shake. “You have a smart mouth for a little-bit, anyone ever tell you that?”

All the time.

“And you should quit with the cussing. It doesn’t become you.”

“Fuck you.”


We stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, and I feel a bit mean for being rude. He didn’t have to help me out with my arm, but he did, and he did it with a gentleness that surprised me.

“So, where’d you learn the first-aid skills?”

“Played a lot of football, got a lot of injuries, learned how to fix myself up.”

“By football, I assume you mean that game where men wear lots of padding, run along carrying a wonky ball, knock other men out of the way until they reach a line, where they then proceed to throw down the wonky ball and score a point, or a goal, or something similar? Would that be the game you’re referring to?”

He folds his arms across his chest and leans back against the worktop opposite where he sat me.

“It would be the game that’s played something like the way you described that I’m talking about, yes.”

I nod and then shake my head. “Always puzzled me why you would call that football when so much of the game is played with the hands. The foot and the ball, rarely actually coming into contact.”

“Well, what would you call it?”

“Big men that are scared of getting hurt, so they wear lots of padding while they run, ball.”

“Now who’s being a comedian?”

“I’m female, so it’s comedienne.”

“What’s the difference?”

“We’re actually much funnier.”

That earns me a smirk, and I swing my legs while sitting on the worktop, basking in the satisfaction that I’ve almost made him smile.”

Lesley Jones (c) 2017



Lesley Jones was born and raised in Essex, England but moved to Australia in 2006 with her family.  Her first book, Saviour, was published in 2013 and she quickly gained a reputation as a writer of gritty, down to earth characters, involved in angsty and emotional plot lines.  Carnage, her third novel, has won a number of awards for ‘Best Ugly Cry’.  Her readers love the fact that she can switch her stories from hot and steamy, to snot bubble ugly crying, followed by laugh out loud moments, in the space of a few sentences.  She has declared that the very best part of her job is meeting her readers and has travelled the world a number of times over the past few years to do exactly that.  When not writing, she has admitted to being a prolific reader, getting through around four or five books a week.  She is a fan of trashy reality TV, listening to music, watching her son play football and enjoys a glass of wine… or three.




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