Ripley’s Saint by Isabel Wroth

September 6, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★

Ripley’s Saint by Isabel Wroththree-stars
Ripley's Saint by Isabel Wroth
Series: Perdition MC #3
Also in this series: Never Ever, Athena's Raid
Published by Self-published on July 25, 2017
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 252
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Ripley asked for help to put furniture together. What she didn't ask for was him.
One of the unbelievably hot brothers of Perdition MC.
Weak in the knees every time Saint looks her way, she melts. With an exchange of favors, Ripley dives in thinking her eyes are wide open, never expecting to lose her heart in the process.
Never expecting the burn to be so intense.

Saint knew he should be focusing on finding the man responsible for murdering a brother and his wife –with the taste of lemons and sugar on his mind–he is determined not to fail. But when he discovers the killer is a monster unlike any he’s hunted before, he realizes every person he holds dear is in danger.
And so is Ripley.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceWell, I’m not sure where to start. In hindsight, after being told of Ever’s first wedding disaster, I guess I should have expected some crazy sauce to be served up in Ripley’s Saint, but it completely caught me by surprise. This was so full of plot holes and craziness it makes swiss cheese look solid.

The first part was okay but neither Ripley nor Saint impressed me. Saint was a clueless jerk. Ripley was a freaking doormat. Saint would swoop in, get him some, and then leave usually before she woke up. He’d then disappear for weeks or even months on end and refuse to answer phone calls or texts. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Eighteen Months. Take a moment and fully take that in.

Now, this is a romance so he eventually clues in that he’s treating the supposed love of his life like his very own no strings attached booty call. He comes up with a sob story that while sad, doesn’t make sense. View Spoiler » I’m telling you I thought my eyes were going to roll right on out of my head.

The good news is there is lots and lots of action to offset Saint’s utter asshatishness. I do like the other characters in this series a lot, so I settled in for some fun. Alas, this thing took off like a rocket without a sat-nav system. It was all over the place, swirling around plot holes galore.

Ghost, the bad guy was a master of disguise who was super diabolical and smart. His disguises were so good, I think he could impersonate your own mother and you’d never notice. Not that he used disguises all the time. Every federal agency wanted him but had no idea what he looked like because they had no pictures of him. This is despite the fact they knew which MC he was a member of, who he had killed, and had someone who was very close to him in witness protection. I guess in this world there were no sketch artists.

Beyond the ridiculousness of the bad guy, in several other things, plausibility went out the window meaning my bullshit meter stayed pegged out. The book ended on a happy for now for the couple but a cliffhanger when it came to the bad guy. OMG that cliffhanger. The master plan for getting away was so freaking full of holes, forget a pegged bullshit meter, it completely broke it.

So, how do you rate a book in a decent series where the editing improved buts but that was full of plot holes. Whose main characters you aren’t enamored with, but whose series characters you like? A book that was so full of crazy, it’s like it jumped in the whacked out river and swallowed every drop. I usually ask myself before rating if I plan on continuing on with the series. If it’s no I take off a full point. My problem is that I kind of want to see how it ends up. I guess this means I need to add a star.

Rating: 3 Swiss Cheese Sandwich Stars.



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