Forbidden Bite by Cynthia Eden

September 5, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Forbidden Bite by Cynthia Edenthree-half-stars
Forbidden Bite by Cynthia Eden
Series: Bite #1
Published by Inc. on June 16, 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 196
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“Don’t look into her eyes. If you do, she’ll take your soul.”

Werewolf Griffin Romeo has new prey—a sexy female vamp named Isabella has been hunting in Sin City, and it’s Griffin’s job to stop her. Tracking Isabella is easy work for an alpha wolf, but once he gets close to gorgeous Isabella…Griffin’s careful plans go straight to hell. Because with one bite, he’s absolutely hooked on her, lost…mated.

Vamps and werewolves are supposed to be sworn enemies. They aren’t supposed to feel a white-hot attraction that burns soul deep. Now that he’s found his mate, Griffin isn’t about to let Isabella go, especially not when he learns that Isabella isn’t the killer who is attacking humans in Vegas. Griffin’s mate has been set-up, and he’ll fight with a wolf’s fury to find the enemy who is working against them both. Someone wants Isabella to be judged guilty by the wolves in Vegas, but Griffin won’t let that happen.

Their mating may be forbidden, but Griffin and Isabella are about to show the paranormal world just how fiercely a vamp and werewolf can fight for each other—because mates bond forever. And nothing will come between them.

Author’s Note: FORBIDDEN BITE is a short, sexy story (32,000 words) about one hot werewolf and his sexy vamp mate. Lust comes first (and fast!) in this tale, and then love is close behind. If you enjoy a hero who will gladly sacrifice everything for his lady, hot times, and a happy ending…then maybe you should take a BITE.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SpiceWell, this was a quick glimpse into what is shaping up to be a vicious world where werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies forbidden to ever interact much less mate. Forbidden Bite was chaotic and violent, but also sexy as hell.

This was short but at first glance, it seems that vampires have seriously devolved into blood-crazed killers who think of humans as beneath them. Werewolves hate them so much they kill them on at first sight, which is what should have happened when Griffin was sent after Isabella. Except a werewolf can’t kill his mate, especially one who it is apparent isn’t your normal everyday vampire that kills indiscriminately due to blood lust. What happens next is total chaos.

“I’m not the fucking white knight of the story. I’m not the law. I’m the beast.”

Neither Griffin nor Isabella are saints in their pasts, but you get the sense that in this world being a supernatural is a brutal undertaking and you have to do bad things to survive. Isabella seems to want to rise above what her kind have become and that has cost her dearly.

“I know about the dark.” His voice was a growl. “And I know that when I’m near you, it will never touch you again.”

We don’t get to know a lot about Griffin’s pack, other than I don’t think it’s a particularly warm and fuzzy one. More like the strong rule and the rest cower. It’s good he’s one of the strongest because when he bit into the forbidden little apple his pack, especially the alpha, did not take that well at all. To add to it, it’s not just the pack that he has to fight to keep his mate alive. There are other even more sinister things in play and danger is everywhere.

The jury is still out on whether I’m going to like this particular world Ms. Eden has built. Carter is up next, which is good, because so far, other than Griffin, he’s the only wolf in that pack of thugs I liked. Forbidden Bite was a short, brutal and sexy all at the same time. I’m intrigued enough to be glad I have the next book in my TBR pile.

3.5 Brutal and Sexy Stars


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