Slam by Susan Fanetti

August 8, 2017 Book Review 1 ★★★★★

Slam by Susan Fanettifive-stars
Slam by Susan Fanetti
Series: Brazen Bulls MC #3
Also in this series: Crash, Twist, Honor
Published by Freak Circle Press on August 5th 2017
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 423
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Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1997

When Richard “Maverick” Helm walks out the gate of the state penitentiary, after four hard years inside, he doesn’t know what life he has left waiting for him. Abandoned by the love of his life, a stranger to his only child, Maverick turns to his club, the Brazen Bulls MC, and holds on.

But he’s not sure of the club any longer, either. The Bulls have changed since he went inside, and they’d all but forgotten him.

Before Maverick can find a life worth living, he must heal the family he’d had—his woman and his child—and he must find his fit with his brothers. To do either, he must remember the man he was, and decide who he wants to be.

The love of Jenny Wagner’s life promised her a beautiful future. He swore he’d be there for her and their daughter forever. He wanted to be her hero, and she believed that he would be. Then he left her alone before their baby was born—and what he did left Jenny’s life in ruins. She’ll never forgive him.

But she’s never stopped loving him. Her anger arises from that deep, abiding love, and the pain of its betrayal.

Before Jenny can open herself and her daughter to a new life with Maverick, she must learn to trust again, and to be with him the strong woman she’s become without him.

It takes only a moment of reunion for Jenny to remember their love—a love Maverick’s never forgotten. It takes much longer to overcome the obstacles of the past and find a way to make a future together.

Note: explicit sex and violence.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyThe Brazen Bulls MC Series is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I began reading Slam with high expectations and I am happy to say my only regret is I have finished it. It wasn’t a quick read by any means. A page turner I picked up of every free moment I could, easily reading it over the weekend.  Jenny has a tough story to tell. Maverick has an equally rough time. Together their stories bring together a heartfelt story of survival and trust. Maverick leaves prison determined to pick up life with Jenny and their daughter Kelsey. He is aching to see the child he only knows through a photo he has treasured for the last 4 years. Jenny is in no hurry to introduce her daughter to the man she believes deserted her when she needed him most.

Jenny has done her best, but the demands of her life have taken a big chunk of her ability to trust anyone associated with the Brazen Bulls. That puts Maverick in a precariously fragile position as he realises the welcome he anticipated from Jenny is not happening.

Life has a way of pushing people in directions they never intended, especially when it involves a young child. As with so many children who spend a lot of time surrounded by adults, Kelsey is a 4 going on 30 year old! She bridged many an awkward moment between her parents with her subtle poignant comments and questions.

There’s some beautiful moments shared between characters, wonderful words of wisdom as well as the expected dramas associated with an MC involved with crime. When the scenarios got graphic, thankfully they didn’t last long and the story returned to a relative level of peace. My only struggle was the story is told in past and present intervals. I always want to stay in the moment, but the flashbacks provided sufficient reasoning to justify Jenny’s hesitation and Maverick’s determination.

While there was a lot of challenging issues raised in the story, Maverick’s level headed actions continually focused on making the most of each day. ‘Putting his head down and shoulder to the day’ was his catch cry and it helped him many a time when the odds were stacked against him.

He was far from perfect but he was willing to step up and be the family man he always dreamed of being. Winning Jenny over was never going to be easy with the history they shared but with his brothers and the MC family beside him, he faced every challenge with the determination of a man who loved his family.

5 I didn’t want it to end Stars

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