Entangled by Bethany-Kris

August 7, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Entangled by Bethany-Krisfour-stars
Entangled by Bethany-Kris
Series: Guzzi Duet
Also in this series: Unraveled
Published by Self-published on August 2, 2017
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 275
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Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want, but it comes with strings. He shouldn’t be wasting time on a redhead he can’t have, when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things like love. A boss’s job is never done, and Gian has far better things to worry about—what with someone wanting him dead, and someone else wanting him in prison for good. Yet, he keeps risking it all for one more taste of Cara Rossi.

A man without love is no man at all.

Cara Rossi is left devastated by the things Gian Guzzi didn’t say. She also can’t forget all the things he did say. She needs to focus on moving on from him, not falling right back into his bed once more. Then again, reality has a way of ruining those plans with far more beautiful, unexpected things. Even if it means Cara is forced to question everything, from her morals to her reputation. All to be one woman to one man.

A woman without respect is a dirty word.

Duty. Legacy. Love.
Always in that order.
Or … that’s how it should be.

But life is messy, when entangled with love.
Rules don’t apply.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By LilyLoved it!

I had no idea how Gian was going to get himself out of the hole he had created for himself. While I always endeavour to write spoiler free reviews, there may be some details from the first book in this review, so if you haven’t read Unraveled yet don’t read any further. You also should  read the Guzzi Duet in order to appreciate the background story to how Gian and Cara met.

My heart went out to Cara when she discovered her predicament and the role that would be assigned to her in their world. Being the last one to know what she had entered into was crushing and why no one told her early on was beyond my comprehension. Although, the people who probably would have weren’t in the picture until they would have assumed she knew.

Cara and Gian are perfect for one another but being together is far from perfect. Gian goes out of his way to accommodate her in the high esteem he holds her in but for Cara nothing can undo the facts. Mostly life is good for them both, but it’s never enough.

Gian discovered being the boss  has more demands than  perks. It also sheds light on others that before he was quick to judge. Now, he is in a similar boat and while he is far from sinking, he is definitely bailing out the occasional bucket of water to stay afloat! The frenemies he gained in life were a constant pain in his neck (or worse). While he remained in control, the grip he had to maintain was exhausting.

There were times when Cara’s actions would require Gian to come to her rescue. Working in the refuge only added to the potential opportunities to expose her to danger. Her changing circumstances created moments of beauty, but it also slowed the pace of the story.

Unpredictable plot twists provided the perfect balance of romance and suspense in Entangled. Gian had me sighing with his charm and devotion to Cara as did the family members who warmed to her. The potential for more stories from this book have me excited about which characters BK will write about next!

4 Love conquers all Stars

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