Fallen by Juli Valenti

June 24, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★

Fallen by Juli Valentithree-stars
Fallen by Juli Valenti
Published by Self-published on May 29, 2017
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 167
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Sarah O’Fallen was nothing like the people she’d met in the Hells Redemption Motorcycle Club. She was a nurse, whose heart focused on saving lives and harming none, seeing everything in nothing but blacks and whites. Except, all that changed on a random Friday afternoon.

After spending a night in jail, for a crime she didn’t commit, something changed in her. Sarah found herself amongst shades of gray, where the world wasn’t fair and choices were often made in the heat of the moment.

Lukas “Fallen” Belrose, the infamous man-whore and Sergeant in Arms of HR, had only ever cared about three things in life: his club, his band, and the women in his bed. With a hair-trigger and a cold, heartless side of his personality, he was far from ideal boyfriend material. That didn’t keep him from wanting Sarah, however.

But can their relationship survive the drama - the club violence, his reputation? Will Sarah be able to make a life in the crazy MC world she’s stumbled into? Or will her universe collapse, making her lose herself entirely?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceFallen is one of those books that made me go “Hmmm”. The first two books in the series had badass female leads. In fact, Poet, from book one, was voted in as president of a 1% motorcycle club after her father died. The second was about an equally strong woman who prospected and proved herself to be worthy of being  the second female member of that same club. I enjoyed both books since both women were strong, tough characters who also had sweet sides, and weren’t too stupid to live. I expected the same setup here, but that’s not quite what happened.

Sarah is a trauma nurse who met Fallen, the Sergeant in Arms of the Hells Redemption MC when he was previously shot (in Poet’s book). The story opens with Sarah having an altercation with her abusive ex-boyfriend at her apartment that they still share. When he flies off the handle at her about her relationship with Fallen, she calls 911. Even though the 911 tapes should show what happened, she’s the one who ends up arrested for domestic battery and sent to  jail. This was the first of many “WTF?” moments I experienced in the story..

Although Sarah admired women with “gumption”, she was in no way, shape or form a strong person herself. The first clue was the fact she allowed her abusive ex to live with her. Then there was the whole falling apart at the drop of a hat thing she had going on. I did have to hand it to her, she was at least trying to find her backbone which is why I soldiered on.

Once her and Fallen finally get out of the friend zone, her introduction to club life starts immediately. I was kind of shocked how quickly Fallen threw her out there (the next day!!) by sending her, without asking first, on an intel mission.

Sarah, a nurse who’d vowed to protect life, slowly found her moral compass re-orienting itself as she got deeper and deeper into Fallen and subsequently the club. The change from the weak woman at the beginning to the biker bitch at the end was kind of cool, but also hard to swallow.

As for Fallen, I really liked him. He was an alpha male who thought long and hard about bringing Sarah into the club life. He knew it would irrevocably change her, and wasn’t sure she could handle it. He didn’t overwhelm her and handled her with care.

The rest of my “WTF?” moments had a lot more to do with the way the club operated and how they handled situations as they came up. Poet’s decision about her wedding had my eyebrows in my hairline. I’m not giving anything away, but I will say it was the epitome of a TSTL decision that affected the entire club. The final outcome and decision of what to do with the survivors of the big battle had my jaw dropping. No way, no how, that would happen.

I was expecting at least a 4 star read, like the first two books in the series. I did enjoy time spent with characters I liked from previous books, but sadly, the weak heroine and the huge plot holes brought the book down.

Rating: 3 “WTF?” Stars


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