Fury by Cat Porter

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Fury by Cat Porterfive-stars
Fury by Cat Porter
Series: Lock & Key
on June 2nd 2017
Genres: Biker / MC
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I still have the dreams, baby. Do you?
In mine, I plead and wait for your touch to come like it always did.
But it never does.
I strain against the iron, but you’re no longer there in the shadows.
I’m alone.
One single shard of deep dark hope was enough back then.
Not now.
My claws, your fangs have sunk deep.
Follow my trail of blood,
my trail of anger, desolation.
Am I the same man?
Soul dark,
Heart dense,
Blood fierce,
Purpose raw.
Flame burning.
Brewed on vengeance,
laced with tenderness,
my fury for you.

Chained in brutal darkness, they fell in love. Free in the world, they were torn apart. Empires rise, empires fall, and still, she burns in his soul. But between them now runs a wild river of ambition, greed, and blood. So much blood. He’ll do anything for revenge, and she’ll do anything to protect him. Love and vengeance are the same kind of savage...

**This is for mature readers only! Graphic sexual situations and trigger warnings. Some situations may not be comfortable for all readers.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


This is why we do buddy reads!

Some books require hand holding, well at least for us they do, and Fury was one of them. I don’t know what I would have done without my girls to help me through this one. Fury is not just dark, it’s pitch black and although I like them dark and gritty, I need the sunshine too. For huge parts of this book, Lily and Sparkles were my beacons of light shining through.

I would suggest a brush up on the Lock & Key series before reading Fury, or at least a quick skim over of Blood & Rust. I reread the whole series before diving in and had to explain who certain characters were to the girls. (Lily here, wanting to add my thanks!)

Very few stories have all three of us riveted, and Fury is one. At its core, it has the love story that Sparkles needs, the darkness and suspense Lily craves, and the grit and action I (Spice) require. It left us on the edge of our seats, at times desperately seeking respite from the story unfolding. We urged each other on, talking about the places along the way where things eased up.

The themes of survival in an unbelievably cruel world, of vengeance, sacrifice and of horrific loss are felt deep. It’s the survival of an impossible but enduring love despite the circumstances requiring them to separate that made the darkness fall away for all three of us. This is a must read book and a spinoff of one of our favorite series.

PS: This buddy read really showed the differences in our personalities in that Lily thinks of Tomorrow from Annie as her theme song for this book, and I went straight to Black by Pearl Jam. EDGy’s dark Queen sees the world through rose-colored glasses, and I (Spice) am the pragmatic one, seeing things in Black, White, and shades of gray. 

By SpiceI have a love/hate relationship with Cat Porter—I love her, but inevitably while reading one of her books sheFury - Broken will gut me, and then I hate her for it. CP is the queen of conflicting emotions and she outdid herself in Fury with situations that were raw and painful, yet achingly beautiful, even a sex scene was scorchingly hot, yet painfully heartbreaking. Fury got to me even more than Random and Rare, View Spoiler » but I loved every minute I spent reading it.

Finger and Serena lived through a violent and horrific event and it fucked them up in so many ways. The connection they forged while it happened was unbreakable, but also the source of so much pain. They were individually shattered but their pieces fell into one big pile and only together could they be whole, but circumstances wouldn’t allow that. Their relationship reminded me of Pearl Jam’s song Black, so beautiful it reaches deep into your soul. This is a romance full of pain. I think instead of the usual meaningful two-word title that CP gives a book, Fury is the only one that fit.

Those eyes hang on mine, and I see her reflection in all the shards of me. She is at the crux. She is the flame. My fever, my fury. Let it roar.

Fury spans a twenty-year period of time and there was a lot of action packed into it. We go over some old ground, but it felt informative, not repetitive. There were strong parallels to previous books here that at times were hard to bear, but also a lesson for the living on what could have happened but didn’t. I urge you to look for them, but then again, you might take that as a warning since these stories are dark.

At times, we are told things and not shown, and although I understood the reason (that would have made for one long-assed book!), I felt like I was missing things. In fact, this is a book that had me wanting more, more information, more good times, more light to shine through the darkness, but it was also more than I ever imagined if that makes sense.

Many questions I had were answered, and I got to see glimpses of my beloved Dig, which was bittersweet. I can’t review this book without mentioning Tania. My esteem for her went through the roof after reading this, and I loved that she became the bridge between Finger and Serena when they desperately needed one so they could become whole again, even if just for a little while.

In the end, the Finger and Serena’s journey had me smiling, but it was through some tears. Yes, sometimes I hate you, Cat Porter, since I don’t like to cry, much less read through tears, but I love you and your books too.

Spice’s Rating: 5 Gut-wrenching Stars

By LilyFury begins with a powerful introduction, to a page turner of a story you won’t be able to put down. In retrospect, a health warning may have been wise:

  1. Don’t try this at home
  2. Heart palpitations are inevitable

It is the perfect choice for a book-club, well any book-club I would join LOL. I lost count of the numerous scenarios worthy of being put on the table for discussion. At EDGy, we were blessed to be able to share our emotions together in a buddy read. Succumbing three time zones and metaphorically holding each other’s hands as we read through their trials and tribulations.

This is the story of two tortured souls, their survival, and their ability to not allow the evil acts of others to impair the strong connection they built. While they survived, their journey was marred with the aftermath depicted in the first chapters. A journey without the luxury of an itinerary and thank goodness because not all the destinations were desirable.

Their scars and legacies were a testament to their tenacity for survival. There were times I scrambled to keep up, especially with the names and terms of endearment Serena acquired along the way. I adored the way Serena went about their self-help healing, not to mention Tania’s inclusion in the process which blew my mind. The drastic measures Tania became entangled in crossed beyond hot to pure heat evoking a quasi-spiritual cleansing. It was gentle and wild at the same time. Solidifying their bond and friendship for years to come, a poignant moment in their relationship

There is so much I want to share about the story, and I’ve decided to include a list of what I loved instead, along with my playlist to capture my reading experience. The action, drama and suspense in this series demands to be put to film, with my added caveat of utilising sound effects in lieu of vision for the harrowing dark violent scenes. While I don’t want to visualise the
horror they experienced, their 20 year epic story would have been for naught without the acknowledgement of what they had survived.

What kept me from giving this story all 5 stars still bothers me. Fury is up there with my favourite reads for 2017. All I can say is it come down to wanting more, which I doubt could have been added in one book. Novellas would be the solution and I am not beyond begging for their creation!

What I loved:

  • Jason and Serena’s connection
  • 20 years covered in the story
  • Tania, as the good Samaritan, healer and the friend
  • The photo-booth
  • Turo – I want more of his story!
  • The emotion – joyous, sorrowful and challenging times. Reaching for the tissues because the scene moved me so much with its beauty.
  • Her tattoos, hair colours!
  • Her outfits!
  • Buddy-reading and totally forgetting about time zones. Eh- they should turn their WiFi off if they want to sleep LOL My one-way conversation was cathartic, their phones pinging was a small price to pay for a friend in need!
  • Realising I am still learning about the double meanings of common words. In case you’re wondering what the word was, my clues are it’s a noun, 5 letters, starts with T and ends with N. There are times I am sure I have read it all, kind of relieved to know I haven’t!
  • The music track that slowly built as I read

What I struggled with:

  • Wanted more (hell, this was 8.5 K whatever count – so I know why I couldn’t have more LOL) about Tricky, Turo and Eric as well as her ultimate sacrifice. I would love to see Novellas in the future covering the missing years (I’m not greedy at all LOL)
  • Scarlett’s alias’ and endearments, had me in a spin (I have a battle remembering names at the best of times – just ask my children!)

My Playlist:

  • Tomorrow (Annie)
  • Walk and Don’t Look Back -Tosh & Jagger
  • Somebody to Love – Jefferson Airplane
  • Black Stick – The Cruel Sea
  • Tin Soldier – Small Faces
  • Awesome Wave – Alt J (the album) – One of my go to artists for reading 🙂

4.5 Breathtaking True North Pointed Stars



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