Made to Love by SM West

May 4, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★

Made to Love by SM Westthree-stars
Made to Love by S.M. West
Published by Self-published on May 5th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 218
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Burned by love once before, divorcee Olivia Cassidy isn’t looking for a recipe for “happily ever after”. The first time she thought she found forever, it turned out to be a marriage with no sizzle and no spice.
Busy starting up her own business and raising two older children, love is the last thing Olivia is looking for—but when the sexy young chef Samson Beaulieu comes into her life, he’s suddenly mixing up something new.
Now it’s up to Sam to show Olivia how delectable their future can be. He may know how to heat things up—both in the kitchen and in the bedroom—but is Sam really made to love her?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Made To Love is a beautiful love story surrounding a woman who was sure her days of being in a relationship were long gone. Having recently been through a divorce, life was finally looking good again for her. There was no way she wanted to jeopardise losing all she had gained, especially when the guy pursuing her is younger than her!

A niggly gripe of mine had to do with Olivia’s lack self-esteem when it came to her physical appearance. I understood, being raised in an era where beauty was valued above all for girls. What frustrated me though was Olivia’s constantly putting herself down in spite of Sam saying it wasn’t an issue for him. Thank you Sam! Then Sam had to refer to how much he appreciated the firmness and other youthful attributes she still retained. These mixed messages drove me to distraction when they surfaced.

Olivia has enough on her plate, starting a new business and two nearly adult children to add a bit of a challenge to her life. Embracing the new life includes a vigilant exercise routine and a trainer who believes in getting results. He’s good but deadly serious. My idea of getting fit is either a team sport or a pleasant stroll. This business of no pain, no gain isn’t my cup of tea, but each to their own!

Sam had a lot to deal with himself in running  his restaurants. Olivia had no idea of his notoriety, nor of his fanbase. He meets Olivia on a girls weekend away and he is smitten with her. She is in denial that a young guy would be interested in her and dismisses his attention without a thought. Her friends have other ideas and make it difficult for her to escape him. Little does she realise what a massive favour they have provided her with, and one she takes a while to appreciate.

This is a total fantasy situation happening to a mother who thought her days of romance were a distant memory. We could all get on board with the idea of a good looking guy who is great with kids and is awesome in the kitchen. Add to that he is fine with taking it at her pace, calling it what she wants at the same time as knowing they were a lot more than she’d admit. She was obliviously living a fantasy until she is forced to acknowledge what’s happening.

There’s a lot more to contend with than a new relationship for Olivia. She has an ex-husband to contend with and their children that have their own dilemmas. Her friends came across as immature but as the story was mainly focussed on Sam, Olivia and their families, it wasn’t a big aspect to the story.

Now, apart from those few issues, I enjoyed Made to Love, especially when their relationship was out in the open. I was pleased I had continued, overlooking my initial struggles. The chemistry between Sam and Olivia was tangible. I loved his confidence and fun loving attitude. Their struggles were real and Ms West portrayed them in a loving and believable way.

3 Beauty is Within Stars

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