Second Time Around. by Sarah Osborne

May 3, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Second Time Around. by Sarah Osbornethree-half-stars
Second Time Around. by Sarah Osborne
Series: The Freaks MC England #2
Published by Freak Circle Press on November 14, 2016
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 475
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Not all heroes are knights in shining armour. Nor are they all brooding and dark.
Not all heroines need rescuing, and not all are broken.
Some travel the globe and never find the love they're seeking.
And some find it right next door.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Familiar territory surrounded me within the first few paragraphs of Second Time Around. For reasons unknown, I had let The Freaks, England series slip off my radar. It was a gentler paced story in comparison to Itinerant Childwhile maintaining the emotional connection shared between characters.

“When it comes to love, none of us know what we’re doing.”

Our man Biff is mourning the loss of his wife, Josie, to cancer. Her determination and efforts to look after Biff beyond the grave lightened the sadness of her death. It included organising her good friend and neighbour to look out for him. Notably, to step in and make sure he didn’t drink himself into an early grave. Her plan involved providing lists to key women with instructions on how to look out for her Old Man. (I can see Spice and Sparkles eyeballs rolling – Lily and her love of bloody lists! Hehehe)

What I appreciated in this series was neither Mouse or Sasher were typical old lady candidates. Neither condoned the lifestyle of an Old Lady. What they both had in common was their respect and love for their men. The challenge was for their love to be worthy of making the compromises needed in order for their relationships to work. Not an easy choice nor a simple matter for a woman whose convictions and attitudes differed so much from the MC lifestyle.

How everyone dealt with the loss of Josie was varied. She was a valued Old Lady who left a considerable void in the club. The consensus among the other women in the MC was she was irreplaceable. Sasher and Biff had a massive mountain of opinions, personal grief and guilt to battle before they recognised their friendship growing into more. For an absent woman, Josie had a big impact on the story, causing me to smile on more than one occasion. It was easy to accept the acute loss of her and the respect she had garnered in her life.

As the SAA of the UK chapter of The Freaks, Biff’s current state of being has Nitro stepping in to cover his brother. This had the added bonus of continuing the story that began in the first book in this series, Itinerant Child. At times the drama facing the MC was sporadic. The action gave the opportunity for one of my favourite characters, Samson from the Freaks MC to join the fray in the UK. I loved the way he set the cat among the pigeons, stirring up Biff more than anyone else.

As much as I adored the characters, there were sections that were dealt with quicker than I anticipated and I thought they should have been expanded upon. I was caught up in the romance aspect more than the suspense side of the story. It was a minor observation that didn’t overshadow my enjoyment of spending time with interesting characters who endeared me to their plights.

Catching up with the Freaks was great. It surprised me Second Time Around had been idly sitting on my Kindle for me to read for so long. Then again, I have a twitchy 1-click habit that can’t resist a bargain or a new release from a favourite author. With over 700 books on my TBR shelf, an oversight here and there is bound to happen. Thank goodness I got a gentle nudge to read Biff’s story!

3.5 Lists are the only way to go Stars!


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