Rooke by Callie Hart

April 1, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Rooke by Callie Hartthree-half-stars
Rooke by Callie Hart
Published by Self-published on March 14th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 244
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Watchmaker. Car thief. Heartbreaker extraordinaire.
Rooke Blackheath has spent enough time in juvie to know that he really doesn’t want to go to jail. The food sucks, the clothes itch, and there are absolutely no women in sight. Well…none he wants to fuck, anyway.
He should probably stop boosting cars, but the money is stellar and the high is out of this world. And why should he turn his back on something that sets his soul on fire anyway?
The answer to that question comes in an unexpected form—a petite five-foot-three firecracker named Sasha, who refuses to give him the time of day no matter how thick he lays on the charm.
Rooke’s not easily deterred, though. Just like the watches he builds from scratch, Rooke knows all too well how women tick. Women are a game to him. A game he always wins.
Sasha doesn’t stand a chance.
Sasha Connor’s life has been permanently derailed since her son died five years ago. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, of course. She has a great job, a beautiful house, and caring friends. Every week, she hosts a book club featuring the sexiest, most romantic stories on the planet, and every week she falls for a new fictional knight in shining armor.
Fictional men are perfect. They don’t hurt you. They don’t break your heart. They don’t cheat on you after your child dies, and they rarely ever leave the toilet seat up.
When Rooke Blackheath shows up at Sasha's workplace, it’s clear he’s nothing like the men who grace the pages of her favorite books. Dangerous, arrogant, sharp-tongued and sarcastic, Rooke’s not the kind of guy she needs in her life. Not to mention the fact that he’s eleven years her junior.
As far as Sasha is concerned, Rooke doesn’t just live in a different world. He lives in a different galaxy altogether. She’d like to keep it that way, but fate appears to have other plans.
When Cinderella lost her shoe, Prince Charming showed up at her door.
When Sasha Connor loses her book, an entirely different kind of rogue comes a-knocking.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

It was early into Rooke when I slipped into a total fantasy moment. Imagine having a book-club meeting and a living clone of your ideal book boyfriend wants to join your meeting. Take it a step further, the guy has read the book of the month and is willing to discuss the intricacies of the plot with you. Hell Yeah! Come on in and take a seat I’d say 🙂

Rooke is an anti-hero who just happens to be a few years (coughs…11 years) younger than Sasha. This is where the story made me squirm, I prefer the Hero to be older than the Heroine. Full credit to Ms. Hart, because for the majority of the story Rooke stepped up and closed the age gap with his assertiveness and genuine attraction to Sasha.  She, on the other hand, is skeptical of his interest in her and not in the frame of mind to get involved with a man anytime soon.

Sasha is still recovering from a relationship that didn’t withstand the death of their son after a traumatic accident. She is constantly haunted by her decisions right up until the moment before the tragedy, feeding her guilt.  As a mother,  I too had no qualm relating to her head-space. The story shares her heartache and inability to do much more than work, rest and socialise with her book-club friends. Encouraged to move on and get back into life again, Rooke’s presence is all her friends need to push her into just one date with him.

Getting on board with the age difference took me a while. A couple of times I shook my head, but overall their chemistry was hot. There were a lot of references that hit the mark as to why women are attracted to a bad-boy and why you’d step over the sensible, well-adjusted guy to get to him. It is similar to why I chose books that feature an anti-hero, the man who represents danger and takes risk-taking behaviour to the hilt. It’s all about the dream, the excitement and I’m sure a life none of us would willingly consider in reality. This story had all the candidness and quick-witted dialogue you’d expect in a Callie Hart book. My only issue was with dealing with a younger guy with an older woman. A minor factor in what is a good story from one of my favourite authors.

Heads up, the book trailer clip is NSFW but one that along with the synopsis outlines the storyline perfectly, enjoy!

What I loved:

  • The bookclub gathering
  • The dinner date
  • The witty dialogue
  • Sasha’s expressions of her vulnerability – spot on!

3.5 Straight Talking Stars

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