Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane

March 28, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Wolf Unbound by Lauren Danefive-stars
Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane
Series: Cascadia Wolves
Also in this series: Wolves Triad, Reluctant Mate, Alpha's Challenge
on January 1, 2008
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 214
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The Cascadia Wolves will do anything to protect their own. Tegan Warden knows that better than anyone. The Pack closed ranks around her years ago when her mate died, and much as she appreciates their support, it's time to move on. That means dating—and for Tegan, it also means finding someone who understands her needs in the bedroom.

Finding Ben.

The dominant human may not be a wolf, but he makes Tegan shiver from their first encounter. He knows what she needs and doesn't hesitate to give it to her. What's more, they share a bond beyond sex. It's been years since any man has made her feel so alive, so beautiful and desired.

But there's an enemy working against the Cascadia Wolves, an enemy gathering forces to strike. The looming war is a threat to wolves and humans alike, and if they can't stop it, the love that Tegan and Ben have worked so hard to find may not be enough to protect them from what's coming.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Spice

Wolf Unbound is one of those stories with lots and lots of feels in it. It’s a story of letting go and moving on after heartbreak, of being willing to go after that second chance, and of the strength and love that family can give someone who’s lost their world.

Ben and Tegan have both been hurt deeply, Ben from the betrayal of an ex and Tegan from the loss of her mate. Both had finally decided it was time to move on after living half-lives for years. Attracted to each other immediately and both into the BDSM lifestyle, it was still a huge surprise when the mate bond clicked into place. Tegan was elated but Ben was horrified and didn’t handle it well at all.

I completely understood why Ben had issues with suddenly finding himself mated to Tegan. For a human who wasn’t raised hoping that this would happen, he felt like he’d had his choices taken away. He was kind of a selfish prick about it though, making it all about him. It’s good he was so good with his ropes, cuffs, and floggers because while he got his head sorted, there was more than once I wanted her to grab that flogger and beat him with it.

As for Tegan, my heart hurt for her. To have lost a mate once is bad enough but to then have the man who is your second chance treat you like an option instead of a solid thing would be almost worse. She might be a sub in the bedroom, but she’s no shrinking violet. Strong, capable, and a team leader for the pack enforcer, she’ll only take so much before she’s had enough. Mate or not, sometimes the only thing you can do is walk away.

The family dynamics were a huge part of this story. Tegan’s family had been worried about her since she lost her mate. The vivacious and outgoing Tegan disappeared under all that grief and they knew she was hurting despite her going through the motions of daily life. Watching her slowly come back to life was beautiful to behold for them, so to then see her get so hurt again was hard, especially for her alpha wolf brothers. Ben is truly lucky he came out of the whole thing with his head still attached to his body.

Ben’s family was the exact opposite. Although most members of his family were supportive, a very important member had some prejudices against shifters. This made things hard on everyone and had my heart hurting for Ben this time.

Things with Warren Pellini and the werewolf mafia are heating up. With the threat of war hanging heavy and the danger factor increasing by the day, there was lots of action in this installment keeping my need for suspense very satisfied.

The emotions, the action, and the hot, sexy connection between Ben and Tegan kept me turning the pages. I’m enjoying getting reacquainted with the Warden family and can’t wait to dive into the next installment.


Rating: 5 Moving On Stars


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