Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwell

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Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwellfour-stars
Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwell
Series: Boston Heat #1
Published by Entangled Publishing on March 27th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 287
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Ex-Army Ranger Erik Grady lives for the job. So when his chief at the Boston Fire Department offers him two choices—mandated therapy for supposed PTSD or a permanent desk job at the station, he reluctantly agrees to see a shrink. Only this doctor is unlike anything he expected. Female and curved in all the right places? Check. Hotter than a four-alarm fire? Check. The kind of woman that can heat his blood in and out of bed? Check, check. And oh, yeah, he just happens to have first hand experience...

Of all the men to walk into psychologist Olivia Jones' office, why did it have to be him? Her one-night stand isn't playing by the rules of just. One. Night. She’s had her heart broken in the past, and no way is she going there again. And now he's blackmailing her into three dates? Well, if that's what it takes to make him see a different therapist, fine. She can handle it. So what if the chemistry between them is combustible? She's a professional, damn it. She'll date Mr. I'm Too Sexy For My Bunker Pants. But it won’t end in the fun he expects.

It’s time to see how much heat this fireman can take...

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SparklesAre you in the mood for a really hot really sexy relationship driven romance? Look no further, Hot for the Fireman will satisfy your every need.

Erik is a former Ranger turned firefighter. A recent call triggered some memories from his last tour and he was diagnosed with PTSD. In order to get back on active duty he needs to attend therapy. Talk about a crappy day.

Olivia re-entered the dating scene only to be faced with failed date after failed date. After one of the worst ones, she decided to close up shop. Human company is overrated anyway and she has her two lovely feline companions. But a stop for wine turns into the perfect crappy ending to a very crappy night when she finds herself locked out of her car with her purse inside.

Luckily one hunky firefighter is up to save the night…in more ways than one. Both Erik and Olivia are insanely attracted to one another and they agree upon one night of no strings crazy hot sex, no names allowed. So Wolf and Livvie get a hotel room and… wow.

When Olivia turns out to be no other than Erik’s therapist all bets are off, as he recognizes he didn’t get enough of the sexy woman and he won’t accept no for an answer.

“Her rose-petals-and-sunshine scent wreathed around his face and tested his control. If a woman’s body emitted pheromones, hers were on some serious steroids. Like next-level shit, because it took every ounce of his control to not take her up against the glass until they both collapsed.”

I really liked how the Doctor/Patient dilemma was handled, as Olivia absolutely refuses to be his doctor. Though the only way to make that happen is agreeing to go out with him. As their connection deepens, not only her own past will get in their way but Erik’s struggle with PTSD threatens to be too much.

I loved both Erick and Olivia. She was one tough cookie, stronger than anyone gave her credit for and her passion to help people suffering from different forms of PTSD was inspiring. She was caring, smart and funny and she gave as good as she got. I also liked how she re-discovered her inner woman and what Erik made her feel.

“Might as well let him tie me to his bed and tattoo ‘sex slave’ on my ass.”

Erik is every woman’s firefighter dream come true. Hotter than the fires he fights, he took one look at Olivia and decided he wanted to have her, and the more he got to know her the more he liked what he got. He was relentless in his pursuit and I liked his openness to reflect on his feelings for her, even when they were new to him or unexpected. He was dominant, bossy, knew how to dirty talk and definitely had the moves.

“We have some business to take care of.”

“And what kind of business would that be?

“The kind where I make sure you understand, once and for all, just how serious I am about being with you. The kind that’ll leave your ass pink and your pussy wet, and that’s only the foreplay.”

I must confess that when everything was mostly smooth sailing I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it does drop, and I wish I could say I was angry when it happened, but for me, their whole relationship and the handling of their issues was so well done that I couldn’t help but be understanding of what was happening.

Hot for the Fireman is definitely a scorching hot read, with enough sexy shenanigans to make up for the lack of action some readers *cough*Spice*cough* might need. And while this is a thoroughly relationship driven romance it didn’t feel slow to me at any point. I really enjoyed this story and with lots of hunky ex-military firemen left single in the Rescue 2 company of the BFD I can’t wait to see who gets their story next…though I have a feeling it might be Dozer and Angie…

Rating: 4+ “Wolf boy” Stars

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