Alpha’s Challenge by Lauren Dane

March 19, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Alpha’s Challenge by Lauren Danefour-stars
Alpha's Challenge by Lauren Dane
Series: Cascadia Wolves
Also in this series: Wolves Triad, Reluctant Mate, Wolf Unbound
Published by Carina Press on March 20, 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 186
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Previously published by another publisher under a different title

"Mark me and make me yours."

As an unmated alpha, Cade was beginning to believe his entire life would be dedicated to the pack. He'd do anything for his pack family, but his life isn't complete without someone to share it with. He didn't expect to finally find his reason for being in the heart and soul of his greatest enemy's sister.

Dr. Grace Pellini has never felt so isolated and afraid. Ever since her rogue brother threatened the existence of wolf and human alike with a viral weapon, she had no choice but to cut all ties with her pack. But now Grace has something new: Cade Warden, whose body and exhilarating scent make her come undone. In him, she's not only found her destined mate, she's also rediscovered herself, and her place in a world at war.

But the Cascadia wolves are not so unquestioning as Cade is of Grace's loyalty, and their suspicions are posing a dangerous threat. Now, to defeat a madman and end the war, Cade and Grace have only each other to trust—by finding their ultimate strength in the power of desire…

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By Spice

Alpha’s challenge is Cade’s chance for a well deserved HEA. As the alpha for one of the strongest US packs, his path to finding his mate made for a great story. Living with his brother and his wife, his yearning for the bond a mate brings has been amplified and his need is becoming increasingly harder to ignore.

It was karma when he meets his mate while in Chicago checking on his sister, Tegan’s, wellbeing. The woman who triggers his mating instinct is Grace Pellini, the sister of the werewolf mafia’s main man. That alone heralds a bumpy courtship, but when you add in the fact she’s working to stop her brother’s nefarious plans the danger quotient goes up exponentially.

Grace was an impressive heroine. There is a lot of strong, alpha woman packed into a tiny little package. I loved that she didn’t need to be hard as nails or snarky to get her point across. She was quiet, even tempered and polite… well until she felt the need to bring out the big guns, then she was hell on wheels.

Because of who she was, she wasn’t immediately accepted by everyone but she understood why. Instead of railing against the injustice of being judged by her crazy brother’s actions, she just quietly went about proving herself to be loyal and worthy of being the alpha female.

What I didn’t like was the issues with Nina which felt a bit like manufactured angst to me. I was also shaking my head a bit at a couple of the spats between Grace and Cade. There was enough going on that this kind of thing felt completely unneeded.

When they weren’t having stupid squabbles, Cade and Grace were dynamite together but in a very good way. The whole mate thing guaranteed some explosive chemistry and these two let it loose in all sorts of ways and in some fun places.

Almost better than the sexy action was the dangerous action. There were gun fights, poisonings, assassins, and even a one on one battle to the death to keep me entertained. Warren Pellini picked a fight with the wrong wolf when he took on Cade.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed some quality time with the Cascadia wolves. Can’t wait for what gets re-rereleased next

Rating: 4 Love Conquers All Stars.

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