Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allen

March 12, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allenfour-stars
Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allen
Published by Self-published on February 28th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 420
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One kiss can change everything.
Fun and flirty Monica Stevens lives for chocolate, fashion, and boys … in that order. And she doesn’t take life too seriously, especially when it comes to dating. When a night of innocent banter with Seattle’s hottest NFL quarterback turns passionate, she fears that everything she once managed to protect will soon be destroyed.
Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, Zachary Ryan, is a workaholic by nature, an undercover entrepreneur, and passionate about the organizations he supports. He’s also addicted to Monica, the curvy brunette with a sassy mouth—and not just because she tastes like strawberries and chocolate. She’s as challenging as she is decadent, as witty as she is charming, and she's the perfect distraction from the daily grind.
While Monica comes to a crossroads in her life, Zachary becomes an unavoidable obstacle, forcing her to stop hiding under the bleachers and confront the demons of her past. But as their connection grows stronger, she knows it only brings them closer to their end.
It’s time to let go.
To have a future, we must first deal with our pasts. But what if the two are connected?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SparklesThe romance between a young NFL player and the girl who’s just trying to figure out her life makes Under the Bleachers an entertaining read. It definitely fits into the NA category, and while the MCs were not particularly immature some of their issues felt very “young-ish” to me.

Monica is currently working as a receptionist in a creative agency while she deciphers what she wants to do with herself and her future. While there she meets an agency client, Zach, a super hunky football player. They have crazy good chemistry and start up a still appropriate but super flirty work place relationship. That is until one night their chemistry is too hot to fight and the kiss that will change everything happens.

I won’t say much more as I don’t want to spoil the story and its plot, but I can say that there’s a lot of hot-and-cold-don’t-pursue-me-but-yes-pursue-me going on. Monica has a lot of issues to resolve mainly related to her family’s past that, in my opinion, she should have sought help to handle.

She was funny, charming and really sweet, but as she kept pushing Zach away with really no explanation which at times made me lose my patience with her. It came to the point that I just couldn’t believe he was still willing to pursue her and I found myself wanting to encourage him to just let it go.

This brings us to Zach who was, without a doubt, one of the most patient and determined heroes I’ve read of late. He was caring, kind, considerate and incredibly down to earth for a famous athlete. He obviously was also off the charts hot and sexy with a body to drool over… in other words he was a dream. Of course his determination to win Monica’s heart just kept me sighing after him.

“I’m not giving up on you, Cakes. Not now, not ever. And to be clear,” I slide my hand between our bodies until my palm rests over her heart. “It’s this I want.”

With both Zach’s and Monica’s PoVs and a couple of flashbacks, the story flow was great. I was engaged through all the book and though sometimes I despaired, I was rooting for them to end up together. While the major plot twist is kept a mystery for most of the story, it wasn’t really surprising (more like an “aha! I was right!” moment). What was really astonishing to me was that the Meredith character made it that long into the story as one of the outside forces meddling into their relationship. That woman’s antics were completely absurd as a publicist or a woman really, but I think her part in the story should have either been resolved earlier on or at least made more believable.

I enjoyed getting to know the side characters and hope that Desmond and Maggie get their own story (subliminal message to the author). You can safely read this book as the story is completely stand alone. Though be warned if you want to read Up the tree house you’ll get a major spoiler here.

With great banter and flirty fun, some really steamy hot scenes and the most adorably stubborn football player set on winning his girl’s heart, Under the Bleachers is a book about giving chances and opening yourself up to the possibility of love.

Rating: 4 “Daddy issues thy name is Monica” Stars

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