Lyric’s Accidental Mate by Elle Boon

February 24, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★

Lyric’s Accidental Mate by Elle Boonthree-stars
Lyric's Accidental Mate by Elle Boon
Series: Iron Wolves MC #1
Published by Self-published on October 20, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Biker / MC
Pages: 201
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Lyric Carmichael is a shifter in trouble. When a pack of rogue wolves attacks her, she knows she will have to fight for her life. Being a member of the Iron Wolves MC and a wolf shifter, she’s used to fighting, with the odds stacked against her, she’s not sure she’ll make it out alive.
Rowan Shade, a member of the Special Forces has fought many battles, so wading into the fight to save a gorgeous woman is second nature. Being bitten by Lyric in order to save him from a fate worse than death, and finding out there are supernatural beings, is one of the most erotic experiences of his life. He just hopes they live long enough to explore more of this new and wild world.
As Rowan and Lyric explore their new relationship, the danger to the pack intensifies. When they find out one of their own has betrayed them, the strength of the entire MC is needed in order for them all to survive the upcoming battle.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Spice
I kept waiting for Erick Von Zipper to show up!

Lyric’s Accidental mate was recommended by a Goodreads friend as a fun, sexy, paranormal biker lite type read but this was not like any other MC I’ve ever come across.

It was entertaining in its own way, but this MC was just different. In fact, instead of an MC vibe going on, this gave off more of a California surfer club vibe. Think back to the old Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon Movies. The one that most came to mind was Beach Blanket Bingo with The Ratz MC and their fearless leader, Erick Von Zipper.

I really liked Rowan seeing as he was a sexy, badass, alpha able to hold his own against incredible odds even before he was turned into a wolf. Just to add the cherry on top of that yummy alpha cupcake, his bedroom skills were freaking panty melting. I wanted to know more about him since we just didn’t get a lot of background on him, unlike everyone else in the book.

Lyric I liked at first since she was presented a heroine who could take care of business, but she absolutely imploded when the chips were down and it completely ruined her for me. In fact, her implosion was so out of the blue and unexpected, it completely caught me off guard. I had to read the passage twice to make sure I didn’t miss something, like a massive head wound. It was bizarrely out of place.

I kind of felt sorry for the poor girl who got kidnapped by the rogue wolf pack. It felt like the rest of the group were constantly talking about who was playing grab ass with who instead of being real concerned about whether she was being made a chew toy or being violated while they decided on what to do about getting her back. Since they didn’t seem to take anything seriously, well anything but who was banging who, I had a hard time taking them seriously.

Barring the heroine’s implosion, the book had a certain campiness to it that I wasn’t sure was on purpose, but that did have me smiling a time or two. Even with all the issues, I can’t tell you I didn’t enjoy the book, I just thought it was…odd.

Rating: 3 Erick Von Zipper Stars



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