Christian by L. Ann Marie

February 18, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★

Christian by L. Ann Marietwo-stars
Christian by L. Ann Marie
Series: The Protectors
Also in this series: Damon
Published by Self-published on January 19, 2017
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 395
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Freaky kids abound!
Paranormal is taking over the Princes and MC. Christian learns, loves and leads us into the new generation of Protectors. He does it the only way he knows, Badass.

Contemplating ending the constant barrage of death and destruction he's seen his whole life brings Christian closer to his family. With Dakota's help, Christian learns and uses his ancestors to control and manage his visions and abilities. Gaining peace for the first time in his life still leaves him lonely. With all he's been gifted, the ability to be touched is not among them.
Dean thought using her ability to help the police find a killer was a good thing, until she realized she was now the hunted. Losing her parents, in an explosion meant for her, she finds her way to the Princes and a man that not only protects and understands her but can hold her too.
Christian has his work cut out for him. Showing Dean, the Princes and the MC what all in means isn't easy when it's wrapped around 'freaky kid' abilities.
This is the story of Christian and Dean.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Spice

With the outside world going crazy around me, I turned to a series I can usually count on for an OTT romantic escape. As the series has progressed, I’ve grown attached to the characters. The sheer uniqueness of the stories had me willing to look past editing problems. I’ve been waiting for Christian’s book for a long time but it wasn’t what I anticipated it to be.

Christian has always intrigued me, even when he was a kid. He seemed to fill the protector role, constantly watching over his loved ones. He’s led a sad existence because of his brutal visions and ability to read people and ended up being somewhat separated from his family.

I can’t say I loved Dean, but I did like her. This series usually has strong heroines with strengths and abilities which can often surpass their partners. Yes, Dean had some abilities as a reader, but we never got to see her excel at anything, much less see her in action. Instead, I think not only her story, but her and Christian’s romance was shortchanged because of everything else going on in this book.

I’m all for showcasing worthy causes in a story and have enjoyed some of the storylines about PTSD and disabilities in past books in this series. But there was an overwhelming level of almost “preachy” messages on religious zealots, big oil, environmental and pro-choice topics. Not only did it overcrowd each message, it also detracted from the main plot.

Another huge issue I had was that besides the crazy religious zealots out to kill anyone deemed different than them, one of the main antagonists was one of the most beloved and respected heroes of the MC series. Evidently, he’s had a complete lobotomy at some point, because that’s the only reason I can come up with for his complete personality change. I also couldn’t swallow that the other MC members sat back and let him do the things he did over several years. That entire storyline just did not work for me.

Amidst all the OTT aspects, things just went too far and derailed for me when toddlers were coming up with solutions to the world’s problems, not to mention View Spoiler ». I did, however, like the Jedi-like abilities some of the characters with special talents developed. I’m waiting for the toddlers to “invent” light sabers for them next since they seem so capable of coming up with fantastic and unbelievable things.

Regrettably, this book had so many different messages and causes, you could barely find the romance. What I have loved most about this series is the interesting characters, so the absolute worst thing was turning one of my favorites into an asshat. In the end, I needed an escape from my escape.

2 Don’t Play With My Heroes Stars


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