Hallowed Destiny-Forged By Darkness by Candace Blevins

January 25, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Hallowed Destiny-Forged By Darkness by Candace Blevinsfive-stars
Hallowed Destiny by Candace Blevins
Series: Chattanooga Supernaturals
Also in this series: The Dragon King, Careful What You Ask For
Published by Self-published on January 27, 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 100
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It’s been a year since Destiny was abducted by sick demon worshipers. They intended to use her as a human sacrifice, and they’d already carved evil-looking symbols all over her body when she somehow managed to escape.

She turned eighteen two weeks ago and was finally able to get the first part of an extensive tattoo started on her chest. It would take a while, but she’d eventually cover every horrible, evil scar with something beautiful.

Tonight is Halloween — the one-year anniversary of her abduction — and she’s determined to return to the woods where she nearly lost her life. She doesn’t expect to see a white lion waiting for her. Aren’t black cats supposed to be bad luck on Halloween? Perhaps a white lion will be the opposite of evil. Or, maybe she’s finally lost her mind, because lions are not indigenous to Tennessee.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By Spice

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toe into a Candace Blevins romance but have been a little worried because of some of her BDSM elements, Hallowed Destiny would be a great book to choose. I truly enjoy the Chattanooga Supernaturals series, along with her Rolling Thunder MC and her Only Human series. All are based in the same area with lots of crossover plots, cameos, and the characters are fascinating. They do take me out of my comfort zone occasionally with the strong BDSM elements that sometimes lean towards the SM side. The storylines, however, make it worth any “whoa” reactions I have and truthfully most of it is pretty dang hot.

To understand what’s going on, you need to know a little back story. Destiny, the heroine, was kidnapped by evil Celrau Vampires on Halloween when she was 17. She survived their attempt to sacrifice her to a demon but not before being branded and scarred both inside and out. She’s determined to heal from that night but has been held back because her memories are different from what her nightmares show her at night.

I loved Destiny. She was young but was far from immature. Raised by parents who were devout Christians she was extremely sheltered but also taught to take care of herself. After seeking and finding the answers to why things about the night of her abduction were so jumbled for her, she found herself navigating a whole new world. I liked how instead of falling apart, freaking out, and deciding everything different is evil, she figured out how to make what she learned about the supernatural things around her fit into her belief system without losing the spiritual grounding given to her from her upbringing.

Zeke was amazing as a hero. He was unfailingly sweet, caring, and understanding. Having been given the care of Destiny the night of her kidnapping after she was rescued, he felt extremely protective of, her but knew she was too young. He helped her get back on her feet, then left her with her family. A year later she’s of age and lost. Both he and his lion were in agreement that Destiny needed healing and understanding more than she needed a sexual relationship. For Zeke, her needs would always come first. He loved her, he wanted her, and he handled her with care. Because of this, I adored him.

A huge bonus to this story was time spent with Nathan. His relationship with Zeke was more than that of a ruler and his subject and it was great to see them interact. Nathan is like catnip for me. Mysterious, wise, and regal, I love anytime he shows up on a page.

At its heart, this is a story of healing after a brutal and tragic nightmare. A departure from Ms. Blevins’ usual gritty and erotic BDSM story, this was a 100% sweet and sexy romance and it worked well. I’m looking forward to whatever this author dreams up next.

Rating: 5 Short, Sweet and Sexy Stars

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