Stepdaddy Savage by Charleigh Rose

January 19, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Stepdaddy Savage by Charleigh Rosefour-stars
Stepdaddy Savage by Charleigh Rose
Series: Savage People #1
Published by Self-published on August 24th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Pages: 102
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Stepdaddy Savage is a smutty Taboo novella featuring an over-the-top alpha. Read at your own risk
You do not say no to Graham Savage, because Graham Savage doesn’t ask. Just like his name suggests, he takes, and right now, he believes I’m his. He is a cold, calculated, ruthless, formidable Irish mobster, and... my step-dad.
Regardless of the fact that it's nothing more than a business transaction, he's technically married to my mom. Even still, I find myself scared to be caught, yet even more terrified of being cut loose.
They say love is like a butterfly…well, we are about to prove to the world that it’s also like a punch in the face. Sometimes inevitable…and always painful.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Lily

Upfront, I am not into ‘daddy’ books but the third book in the Savage Series caught my attention. A fickler for reading books in order meant the first book in this series, Stepdaddy Savage would need to be read. This book is OTT, hot, taboo and a page turner. My shudders at the ‘daddy’ facet to this story had me chatting to the other girls while I read it and they had a good chuckle at my expense LOL.

Graham, Jade’s stepfather never gave off paternal signals. Although, until he explained himself alarm bells were going off in the back of my head. After hearing him, my concerns weren’t silenced but they hovered in the background. Short of spoiling the story, I can’t say any more about my concerns other than they were addressed.

Jade is at a crossroads as she nears her years of remaining trapped in a challenging upbringing. Her mother in a strange way made sure she was safe while at the same time she put her in a precarious position. Graham married her mother out of convenience so he could remain in the country. The benefit he offered was a life much better than they could have managed on their own.

The chemistry between Graham and Jade was off the charts. He was every inch the man in control. Jade was no push over and knew what she wanted. Graham was no fool though and he kept her at arm’s length. Distance didn’t quell the steam, it enhanced it. This is where I no longer thought of either of them as family. Until that bloody word was used. OMG, they had no problem with it but it messed with my head!

The mobster aspect to the story was barely there, but Graham exuded an air of cockiness to convince me he was a far call from a choir boy. Jade was a girl who wanted to break the rules to go out and party. She gives as good as she gets, making for interesting battles!

This was a short, entertaining and at times OTT story that pushed my boundaries. If you’re into ‘daddy’ stories, I think you’ll love it. The character’s personalities won me over. The steamy scenes were scorching hot and mainly taboo. For a book that was not one I would choose to read, I am glad did and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

4 Scorching stars!

By Sparkles

I was brought into Stepdaddy Savage by Lily who wasn’t really sure about the whole Daddy/Little girl thing. The way she told it I was expecting a smut-fest of epic Daddy-Dom proportions and maybe that’s why I found it not so OTT. Of course, it could also be because certain authors (like Alexa Riley) have turned me into a bit of a Daddy aficionada… and those girls can get raunchy.

Graham is the aloof, older and hard man Dahlia’s mother is married to.  There was never an actual relationship between them because they only married so he could stay in the country. As time goes by, Dahlia begins to see Graham in a new light and soon they’re dancing around each other. When she turns 18, the dancing changes into a totally different type of dancing altogether.

Graham was alpha, bossy, tough and head over heels with his little woman. Dahlia was a little bit of a brat at times but after learning how she grew up, it was a miracle she’d turned out so well.

With some seriously hot shenanigans going on, a little kinky taboo-ish (one or two “daddy”s along with the age difference) and some hunky brothers to look forward to, Stepdaddy Savage was a quick, dirty and fun story that I devoured in one sitting.

Rating: 3.5 “Dirty Daddy” Stars

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