Hawk’s Bounty by Carson Mackenzie

January 11, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★

Hawk’s Bounty by Carson Mackenziethree-stars
Hawk's Bounty by Carson Mackenzie
Series: Haven MC #2
Also in this series: Snatched
Published by Self-published on December 27, 2016
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 116
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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.
In book two of the Haven MC: Kaden “Hawk” Cross is used to being in control of every aspect of his life: from his short stint in the military, to his VP position in the Haven MC. But when he meets a woman who threatens his control, he is reminded why he never makes rash decisions—they tend to come back and bite you.
Charlie Rhoades is a woman who has always gone after what she wants. And taking a job across country that would give her the opportunity to look for the grandfather she never met made sense. What didn’t make sense? Is finding a man who heats her blood but seems totally aloof toward her. But being a bounty hunter, she isn’t easily deterred by his actions, she is more apt to be assertive. Good for her, not so much for the biker who would rather be the pursuer.
On the outside, Haven MC is the typical motorcycle club filled with bikers—on the inside, they are men with the knowledge and abilities to keep not only their club safe, but their country. Missions come and go, but what keeps the men of Haven committed, is the unwavering brotherhood and the acceptance from the women who cross their paths.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceI smiled when I got an arc for Hawk’s Bounty, the second book in the Haven MC series. I consider Carson Mackenzie’s Black Hawk MC series biker book popcorn. They aren’t exactly War and Peace but they are usually entertaining. I had a few issues with the first book in this series, Snatched, but it had a good plot base and characters I wanted to know more about.

Hawk’s Bounty had some good things going for it. Charlie was an interesting heroine. A bounty hunter who could take care of business. She had a forthrightness about her I appreciated. Hawk was hot, bossy and alpha, all things I require in my biker heroes.

Charlie had moved to the area not only for a job, but she wanted to search for her grandfather as well. I thought this was an interesting storyline that I feel could have been taken deeper. As it was, even with the barebone amount of information shared, I figured out who the grandfather was immediately which was a bit of a letdown. I still liked it when it all played out, but it just had a feeling of missed potential about it.

I love the “sideline” the club has going for it and was excited we got to go along for an operation. I do wish there had been a bit more build-up of the action and suspense. When everything was said and done, I found myself saying “Wait, what?”. As presented, it had a couple plot holes that needed filling in.

The biggest problem with the book was that it is in dire need of editing. A few errors here and there I can overlook but with glaring mistakes on what felt like every page, it was more than I could deal with. At one point when one paragraph had four huge errors in it, I almost DNF’d. I never DNF over editing especially when it’s an author I like. I persevered and was glad I did.

This leaves me in a quandary. Hawk’s bounty was better laid out that the first book in the series, Snatched, and I also liked it better, but it was so full of errors that even I was bothered. Despite the issues, it entertained me hence my indecision. If it had been better edited this may have been a 3.5 to 4 star book but as it sits, I can’t justify that.

Rating: 3 Lots of Potential but… Stars


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