Sanctuary by Sarah Osborne

January 1, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Sanctuary by Sarah Osbornefour-stars
Sanctuary by Sarah Osborne
Series: The Freaks MC #2
Also in this series: A Family Man, Legacy, Itinerant Child: Freaks MC: England
Published by Freak Circle Press on August 29th 2014
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 290
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Unlike his brothers who had regular jobs, wives, kids.... a place to call their own, all Samson had was his bike, the road and the club. It was enough, but sometimes, when he needed to escape all the crazy, he came here.
He knew she'd never be his old lady. That wasn't a life for her. She loved to ride with him and was under no illusion about the club and his role in it, but she was too much of a free spirit to tie herself down that way. And even if she was willing to give up her solitude, what would the club make of this weird, vegetarian, hippie chick who spent her days growing vegetables or painting, and in the evening would rather curl up with a book than party?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilySanctuary was a lot more gentle than the first book in the series but it was not without some tough times. One, in particular, might be an issue for some View Spoiler » but it is more that is referred to and later discussed rather than descriptive at the time. When I read this the first time, I only added a few lines as opposed to a full review which I tend to do sometimes in the haze of a book buzz. In order to write my review, I decided to do a quick skim read. I knew by the second chapter I was up for the full story and nothing less!

It was nice to revisit favourite characters from A Family Man and they blended in smoothly with Deke and Emma’s story. Solid, meaningful friendships helped to illustrate the importance of the simple things in life. It was refreshing to read a story that depicted mature couples and the way they dealt with the realistic struggles they faced, whether it be their relationship, children or domestic responsibilities.

Emma’s passion for her art allowed for issues to be expanded upon and provide a greater understanding of her as a person. The fun times and the hard moments brought the characters to life in ways I savoured. I am no art aficionado, but it’s easy to detect passion in a person, and that’s what I felt whenever Emma’s art played a significant role in the telling of their story. Deke referring to Emma as his ‘witch’ was sweet and meant I’m sure as a term of endearment referring to her intuitive mind and being at one with her surroundings.

His persona reflected whether he was being called either Deke to Emma or Samson to his brothers. They were two distinctive facets that came to life dependent on which name he used as an introduction. Deke was the emotionally switched on man who felt his and others feelings alike. Samson was his scary badass alter ego that he did his best to shield from Emma. Over time, his gentleness crept into his badass moments, marrying both worlds into one.

As mature adults, Deke and Emma had individual lifestyles and neither wanted to relinquish the comfortable set up they had. Yet love has a way of becoming the driving force, determining what is important in life. Negotiating how to retain their individuality within their relationship proved to be a hurdle that was higher than they imagined. The compromises surrounded each having to bend a little in the other direction and trusting by doing so neither were relinquishing their firm belief in who they were.

The expected drama you find in a biker romance featured and the details shared were hard to process. It did, however, provide the platform for the relationships and plot to develop into a well fleshed out story. The situations were predictable but what stood out was the reactions during and afterward that made the inclusion of the horrific moments valid. No one wants to read about violent moments, but it’s the processing of them and being able to not allow evil to triumph I find endearing.

The epilogue gave me goosebumps right from the start, and by the end, I couldn’t stop smiling. Illustrating love has a way of making the most macho of men melt and Deke was no exception 🙂 Delighted to read this book for the second time and happy to say I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did the first time I read it!

What I struggled with:
*Withholding feelings or the reasons behind them

What I loved:
*Having a friend to turn to
*Animals as therapy (and I’m not a big animal person!)
*Love bridging gaps between different social groups
*The humour, especially when Tiny became a tour guide much to Emma’s despair!
*The cheeky bravado of Felix and stirring the boys up as he did
*Emma getting her way, especially with the van
*Deke willing to risk (in his mind) his man card to appease Emma
*Realising that the most innocent of this world can evoke the biggest fear in a badass man who had seen more than he wanted to in life

Rating: 4 Stars

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