EDGy’s Best Books of 2016

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EDGy’s Best Books of 2016by Cat Porter, Tarina Deaton, Suzanne Wright, Lauren Gilley, London Miller, Callie Hart, Penny Reid, Sherilee Gray, Shelly Laurenston, Nashoda Rose

Even though Lily usually does the end of year post, every year I’m the one who gets everyone started, so I’ve decided to hijack add to the post and tell you what goes on behind the scenes of these top ten lists. We get attached to our favorite books and paring down our lists to just ten books is hard. The whining and carrying on that my blog partners do though, you‘d think I was the meanest, most unreasonable person on the planet, cracking a whip, and forcing them to give up some of their most precious books. This year Lily, who’s the worst and cheats every freaking year, was even giving Sparkles pointers when I almost had her toeing the line. Now they both have Honorary Mentions and I’m not getting into the whole books by the same author count as one thing!!! Sigh. Lily may seem all sweet and nice, but those dark books are influencing her, I tell you. Anyway, here’s her original post. Don’t be fooled by how nice and sweet it is, she’s a rebel. Our individual lists will be running over the next several days. I hope you find some gems you may have missed.

It’s that time of the year when we reflect on the year that was. Among book bloggers and reviewers, it is traditional to list the standout books they have read over the year. After collating our Top 10 and looking over their lists, I commented to the girls that I felt an overwhelming urge to reassess mine. If I win the lottery tomorrow, I am going to book into a retreat, load up my eReader and spend a couple of months reading books I somehow overlooked during the year. Now reality tells me I am dreaming, but what I will do is make a note of books to reach for when I am at a loss as to what to read next. From all of us at EDGy we wish readers a Happy and Safe 2017!

The EDGy Top 10

– in no particular order:

Blood & Rust (Lock & Key #4) by Cat Porter

This redemption story about hitting rock bottom just may have overtaken Lock & Key for Spice’s favorite in the series. Sparkles’ was left in awe of Cat Porter’s writing talent. If you haven’t read this series, you need to.

Stitched Up Heart (Combat Hearts #1) by Tarina Deaton

Both Sparkes’ and Spice were blown away by this new author’s first book. Although it touched some diffucult subjects, it was well written, had some awesome characters, and leaves you with a sweet, fuzzy feeling inside.

Force of Temptation & Blaze  by Suzanne Wright

Yes, this is two books from two different series (Mercury Pack and Dark In You), but everything SW writes hits the top of our lists. Her strong alphas, kickass heroines, humor, sexy shenanigans and heart-pounding action makes for books that all the EDGy girls love.

Tastes Like Candy (Lean Dogs Legacy #2) by Lauren Gilley

LG’s Lean Dogs are favorites of both Lily and Spice. Lauren Gilley brings her gritty, flawed, but strong and lovable characters to life through her exceptional writing skills. TLC was a wonderful love story with lots of mystery, suspense, and action that had us hooked from page one.

Red. (Den of Mercenaries, #1) by London Miller

London Miller’s brilliant, dark and witty characters make for an exciting adventure that Lily just can’t get enough of. Red had one of the most heartbreaking scenes she has ever read but still managed to be a 5 star worthy memorable book that her clamoring for more.

Savage Things (Chaos & Ruin #2)  by Callie Hart

Callie Hart’s Blood & Roses series is a favorite at EDGy so it was a given that another book about Sloane and Zeth would be a hit. You just can never get enough Zeth and this was a super steamy and at 174 pages, a quick read.

Beard Science (Winston Brothers #3) by Penny Reid

This book was epically epic and Cletus, the hero, was just plain old awesome-sauce perfect. The feels, the steam, everything about it worked for Sparkles. The Winston Brothers is a favorite series here at EDGy, and Cletus may just be the best brother of them all.

Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1)  by Sherilee Gray

Swerve has the perfect blend of action, romance, hot shenanigans, and drama. The hero is a rough dirty talking giant of a teddy bear, and the heroine is sweet, caring, smart, and funny. Sparkles thoroughly enjoyed this one and found a new favorite author.

The Undoing by Shelly Laurenston

You know it’s going to be good when Spice says it is what all books what all books with a mythological basis should strive to be. It doesn’t take itself seriously, it has lots of action, sexy shenanigans and it is FUN. The author’s take on Nordic Gods will crack you up, and the hilarious characters will keep you smiling throughout. This is one worth rereading over and over again.

Perfect Ruin (Unyeilding #2) by Nashoda Rose

This book is dark, way dark with the ultimate anti-hero, a killing machine really, who has no emotions and a strong heroine who is so broken by what she’s endured even the biggest monster of them all may not be able to save her. The story broke will break your heart, but the hero will eventually put it back together.




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