Assassin’s Awakening by N.J. Walters

December 3, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Assassin’s Awakening by N.J. Waltersfour-stars
Assassin's Awakening by N.J. Walters
Series: Project Alpha
Also in this series: Embracing Silence, Alpha's Revenge
Published by Carina Press on November 28, 2016
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 120
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This book was previously released in 2009 by another publisher under the title Have Mercy. It has been revised and updated for rerelease with Carina Press.

The pulse-racing Project Alpha trilogy continues as a rebel fugitive comes under the care of a woman whose touch means the difference between life and death

Logan is pure Alpha, a genetically enhanced human who has escaped from the brutal gated city in which he was designed, and from the creators who want him dead. Running for his life across a ravaged Earth, Logan's goal is to survive. It's in his blood. Until he awakens wounded, bound and naked, exposed to a beautiful stranger. Now he's vulnerable to sensations he's never felt before.

Mercy Dockins has tended to many wounded men, but none as intoxicatingly perfect as Logan. Or as responsive to her curative strokes. But as passion ignites between them, Mercy's very purpose in the bleak new world order is shaken to its core: Logan has brought her not only ecstasy, but danger, too. He's drawn the enemy to her sanctuary, and now their love could soon be just another casualty of war.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceJust like with the first book in the Project Alpha series, N.J. Walters packed a huge amount of content into Assassin’s Awakening even though it was a fairly short book.

Logan is Tienan’s fellow alpha that we heard about but never met in Embracing Silence. Even though they think of each other as brothers, Alpha’s are engineered in a way that two can’t be together for long periods of time or they end up fighting.

Mercy is a healer from a compound on the northern edge of the Outer City, a place where security forces rarely venture. When an increase in the security force’s activity results in one of Logan’s safe houses getting compromised, he decided now would be a good time to go exploring to the North. Unfortunately, he ended up getting severely wounded and brought to Mercy by a couple of children who had found him.

Just like with Tienan, when Logan met Mercy the connection was immediate, undeniable by either of them, and fraught with problems. Logan has a mission to take down General Caruthers and to bring down the wall and Alpha’s always finish their mission. To add to it, Mercy isn’t alone since she has taken in several orphans to raise plus she is the healer for the entire area. With the security forces hell bent on finding Logan, if he stayed he would bring danger to her front door, if he hasn’t already.

The chemistry between Logan and Mercy was palpable, like you could reach out and touch it. Even when duty got in the way of acting on their desires, just the anticipation of the night to come was full of heat and longing. When they actually do get together… Wow! It was everything it promised to be.

Both Mercy and Logan are given a glimpse of what they consider an impossible dream come true: a home, a partner, a normal everyday dinner shared with the children, but they know it’s fleeting and not going to last. The emotions and feelings were real but so was the fact that he could not stay.

I have to say, with the angst of the impending end to Mercy and Logan blanketing things, the children were a needed happy distraction when things got too deep. I loved getting to know them, especially Evan who was extremely mature and fiercely loyal to Mercy. At seventeen he was trying to be the man of the house, doing everything he could to keep the children alive and thriving.

With the action, suspense, and the unbelievable heat factor I enjoyed Assassin’s Awakening every bit as much as the first book in the series. I do wish it was longer so we could get more backstory on this world and why things are the way they are, but that is my only real complaint. The third book is in my TBR pile and I am hoping I can get to it sooner rather than later.

Rating: 4 Anticipation Can Be Hot Stars

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