Marriage Games by CD Reiss

November 10, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Marriage Games by CD Reissfour-half-stars
Marriage Games by C.D. Reiss
Series: Games #1
Published by Flip City Media on October 25th 2016
Pages: 296
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THIRTY DAYS That s all Adam Steinbeck demands of his wife. Thirty days in a remote cottage, doing everything he demands. After that, he ll sign her divorce papers and give her their company. THIRTY DAYS That's how long he has to rediscover the man he once was. The Dominant Master he hid when he fell in love with her five years ago. THIRTY DAYS She wants their production company badly enough to go to the cottage for a month. Cut off ties to the world and do his bidding. She can submit to him with her body, but her heart will never yield. She thinks this is his pathetic attempt to repair their marriage. She s wrong."

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

EDGy Review

Reviewed LilyMy iPad warped from the heated passion generated by Marriage Games. The story is a raw and emotional look at a relationship that ended up a runaway train with no driver! The dual POVs provided a glimpse into the workings of both the main characters.

Diana and Adam’s marriage grew out of love and respect. What they were lacking was a solid understanding of each other. Adam withheld details of his past out of personal choice to not disclose a facet to his life he was leaving behind. His future was with Diana leaving no reason for disclosure in his mind.

They met during a meeting being held to salvage her family’s business. Adam was ruthless, calling shots as he saw fit while convincing the company while he was doing so that he was the man to lead them in the right direction. Adam is a cold and calculating businessman. In their marriage though, weakness becomes Adam’s strength. It was hard not to love and respect him for his dedication in his ability to achieve the goals he set for himself. ¬†Demonstrating his confidence in his ability to set out to get what he wanted to do.

Diana is passionate about the family business at the same time as placing herself second in life. Adam pushes her professionally and personally. She is far from contrite stopping at nothing to do what she considers to be right. An admirable character always rising up to each situation she is placed in a naturally strong manner.

As a couple, they work well together by complimenting each other’s business skills. Their marriage, however, is a different story altogether where it was clear that loving each other wasn’t sufficient reason to keep their marriage intact. The silent undercurrents of dismay surface and the gauntlet is thrown down. They strike a bargain where the winner will take all at the end of 30 days.

During the 30 days they view each other in a different light. It was a shock to them both, challenging their perceptions of each other, throwing them both into confusion. Their time together forces them to examine the core of who they are and what they want out of life.

Marriage Games was a delight to read. The suspense kept me on edge. Their relationship ups and downs were hot and emotional. Secondary characters played significant roles by creating additional hurdles to clear.

There was no one controller in the battle to end the game. They both had a personal interest fueling their agendas. Even the secondary characters had their reasons for influencing the outcome. The story ends on a cliffy, which is to be expected as this is the first book in a two-part story.

4.5 Stars…possibly 5 star

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