Winter’s Touch by Jamie Begley

November 6, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★½

Winter’s Touch by Jamie Begleytwo-half-stars
Winter's Touch by Jamie Begley
Series: The Last Riders #8
Also in this series: Lucky's Choice, Train's Clash
Published by Young Ink Press on July 18, 2016
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 185
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As president of The Last Riders, Viper’s only fear was losing his wife. After all, he had almost lost her once before.

As wife to the president, Winter lived in fear every day: fear that a club enemy would take Viper from her, fear that one of the club women would tempt him to stray, fear that she wasn’t enough of a woman for him. One thing Winter didn’t fear was risking everything to carry her husband’s child, even her health, yet Viper refused to take the chance.

Losing hope, Winter made one last ditch effort, determined to make Viper realize that some things were worth fighting for besides the club.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SpiceWinter’s Touch is book #8 in The Last Riders, a series that I like overall even though it’s had some books I wasn’t overly enamored with. I one-clicked it when it came out but then set it aside. The reason I put it off so long was because the synopsis made it sound like the strong woman I admired from Viper’s Run had taken a hike to be replaced by a woman who was scared of everything. With the release of Train’s Clash, I knew I needed to cross my fingers and dive into Winter’s Touch since these books need to be read in order.

In the beginning, my heart bled for Winter but I thought she had a serious case of tunnel vision when it came to getting pregnant. With her past, Viper’s concerns were extremely valid but Winter was so stuck on getting a baby exactly how she wanted one, she could not see the big picture.

As the book progressed, these two had some serious miscommunication issues which are my absolute most hated trope. When the unneeded angst with Shasta (or whatever the newest addition to the Riders name was) came up, I rolled my eyes so much I think I strained them.

The last 25% of the book poor Winter had some more horrible hurdles to jump. I felt extremely sorry for her and wondered why she had to go through so very much. TBH, much of the angst felt contrived. To add to it, the final battle she had to fight was thrown out there and then skimmed over. We never really get closure on that part of the story. View Spoiler »

Furthermore, I’m furious Raci is still around. Absolutely furious. It makes me think this club really is run by a bunch of guys being led around by their favorite appendages. She betrayed the club and could have caused all of them to be blown up but they kept her around because they all had soft spots for her. WTF???? And then her punishment is no sex! She just has to watch. Oh, and do some extra chores. This is absolutely ridiculous.

In the end, the book was just barely okay. I was shell-shocked by all that poor Winter had thrown at her, I wanted to punch Viper for what he failed to explain thereby leaving poor Winter hanging, and I was pissed at TLR’s for being idiots about Raci.

The good news is I am now free to read Train’s Crash, which I have been waiting on forever.

2.5 Poor Poor Pitiful Winter Stars.


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