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Sweet Like Candy by Evie Harrison

Sweet Like Candy by Evie Harrison
Published by Self-published on October 30, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Pages: 78
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Julia Kaye spends her days decorating cakes and daydreaming about finding Mr. Right. She’s tried it all—fix ups, speed dating, online profiles and even a popular phone app, all with no success. She’s sure her dream man is out there, but she’s done trying to find him herself. She figure's when it’s meant to be; fate will find a way.

Ryan Walters is a workaholic who’s not looking for Mrs. Right. He’s not even looking for Mrs. Right Now. Instead, he spends his days focused on what he cares about most— amassing a fortune. Aside from his sister and her children, Ryan has no time for entanglements of any kind.

What happens when one confirmed bachelor meets the sweetest girl in the world?

Happily ever after, of course!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Quickie Review

Reviewed by SparklesHave a spoonful of honey with sugar and you might get just how sweet this story was. Ryan hasn’t been interested in sex for a long time now, chucking it to a low sex drive and a career-oriented life, he was more than OK with his single status. One look at his nephew’s birthday cake’s baker would change all that.

Julia is a sweet, shy girl dedicated to her baking passion. With days starting at 4.30 am it doesn’t leave her with lots of time to socialize or find a boyfriend, not that she has ever found any man remotely interesting. But one look at Ryan when he comes to pick up a cake is all it takes to make her heart his.

Ryan was  bossy and caring, and once he found his woman he was 100% devoted. His relationship with his sister was a fun addition to the story. Julia was as sweet as her baked goods and completely besotted with Ryan after one glance.

In typical OTT romance fashion, their courtship moved at warp speed and was filled with hot steamy loving. Fun, sweet and sexy Sweet Like Candy was  good and entertaining. There’s no conflict, ex’s or obstacles to overcome, making this a very safe and quick story.

Rating: 3.5 “OTT sweet” Stars

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   The anxiety I’d felt being apart from Julia for almost twenty hours slowly melted away the closer I got to her work. By the time I pulled into an empty space in front of the store, I was able to take my first deep breaths of the day.
  Seeing her through the glass settled me—even as it made my cock harden. Barking out a laugh of disbelief, I adjust my cock in my jeans so that the head was tucked against my waistband. Since my blue t-shirt was not tucked in, I was in the clear. No one would be any the wiser to my perpetually hard situation.
   When Julia looked over and smiled the second I stood from the car, my heart skipped a dozen beats. I’d spent twenty hours thinking about her and her effect on me, but it was even more potent than I’d remembered.
   I kept my eyes on her as I strode across the sidewalk and walked into Sweet Like Candy. “You’re here,” she said shyly as she came around the counter. I grinned at her as I did what I’d wanted to do every second since I’d seen her the first time. Without hesitation I reached out and linked my fingers through hers.
   “Did you thinkI might not show up?” I asked. She hung her head shyly before nodding. “I started to think maybe it had all been a figment of my imagination,” she admitted. I squeezed her fingers. “This is all real,” I assured her.


Evie Harrison writes what she loves. Strong and sexy alpha men being brought to their knees in an instant when they meet the women they love. Each of her books will contain insta love, incredible passion, and sizzling sex.
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