Halloween Treats by Alexa Riley

October 29, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Halloween Treats by Alexa Rileyfour-stars
Halloween Treats by Alexa Riley
Series: Mistress Auctions #2, Fairytale Shifter #1, Forced Submission #5
Also in this series: Finding Snow
Published by Self-published on October 21st 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 269
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It's Halloween and we're bundling our wickedly dirty books together just for you! And BONUS... We're including a brand new shorty to get you in the spirit!

Raven Treat is an elementary school teacher with a secret crush on the uncle of a student. She's been lusting from afar, but little does she know he's been taking steps to make her his.

Jack Bates has been obsessed with Raven since the second he saw her. The Halloween school dance is his opening to make her his and make sure she never gets away.

Warning: Their story is fast, hot, and sugary sweet! Grab some candy corn and throw it in the trash... Then get some chocolate and snuggle up with this adorable read!

Bundle includes: Buy Me 2, Riding Red, Taking What's Wicked and Halloween Treats

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

EDGy Review

Reviewed by SparklesThis Halloween bundle has a little bit for everyone, from sweet and steamy, to hot and kinky, from paranormal mating to downright raunchy smut. Tricks and treats are one and the same in these classic Alexa Riley OTT stories.

Halloween Treats

This story is short as it is sweet. Raven is a painfully shy third-grade teacher who’s been lusting after one of her student’s uncle. Her inexperience, full figure and shyness prevent her from making her feelings known.

Little does she know that Jack doesn’t really need to go pick up his nephew from school every day, nor that one look at her was all that he needed to set in motion the steps to make her his.

With help from a third-grader matchmaking skills, a little lot of stalking and a Halloween school dance Jack will put everything in motion to take what’s his.

A sweet and caring leading lady and a super hunky obsessively possessive hero, this sugary HEA story was a great addition to the AR bookshelf.

Rating: 4 “third graders make the best matchmakers” Stars

Buy Me 2

In this more risqué series, girls can auction themselves in the Mistress Auction, where the highest bidder will get a girl for a month to do as he pleases under contract. In Buy Me 2 Mandy signs up for the Halloween auction. She’s been lusting after Charles, her boss for the last month, but with his attitude towards her, there’s not much she can do about it.

That is, until Charles turns out to be the only bidder in her auction, and ends up owning her for a whole month. Charles has been gone for Mandy for a long time now, but as his tastes run more towards the Domineering, he was worried Mandy wouldn’t be able to accept him. Now he has this time to make her his, and show her that he is the only man who could ever make her happy.

Both Charles and Mandy would benefit from open communication skills, as it would have saved them a lot of headaches. In usual AR fashion, Charles is one very alpha, uber-bossy, super obsessed male going after his woman; and Mandy an innocent virgin skank (on the inside and only for Charles obviously) who was a perfectionist at work, but had the inner strength to let a domineering guy as Charles love her.

With a light BDSM touch and the more forbidden/tabooish setup, this is one very hot addition to the Alexa Riley library.

Rating: 3.5 “I’ve been naughty, sir” Stars

Riding Red

I’ll take my hat off at Ms. Riley dedication to safe stories. I mean, to make your uber-alpha shifters to be unable to get an erection until you find your mate? Crazy talk! And yet, they work it so well!

Anywho, Dominic is the town’s sheriff and one whiff of Ruby’s delectable scent lets him know she is his. Unfortunately for him, she is human and completely unaware of shifters and the fact that she’s a wolf’s mate.

Ruby is completely aware of two things: the sheriff is one fine piece of man hunk, and a total jerk who keeps all the town people from coming into her bakery. What she doesn’t know is the reason behind this or that come the full moon that won’t be an issue anymore.

  • A bossy and possessive in the extreme hero? Check.
  • An innocent, sweet and nice curvy heroine? Check
  • Super-hot chemistry and mating smuttiness? Check, check and triple check.

Sexy, fun and light, get ready to enjoy a naughty tale where the wolf definitely gets to eat Little Red in the end.

Rating:  4 “Oh, what a big c*ck you have! Better to…” Stars

Taking What’s WICKED

Major trigger alert! This one is in the forbidden/complete smut/OTT raunchy end of the spectrum of Ms. Riley’s selection, View Spoiler » if you get to the end you’ll see nothing is exactly as it seems.

Sabrina was supposed to be out with a friend, but it gets canceled at the last minute. Halloween makes for great parties, though, and she decides to go by herself to a bar. She wouldn’t like to waste one perfectly fine witch costume after all. There she catches the attention of Dante and Porter. When Dante takes her to the back alley for some fun she’ll find out he’s not only not taking no for an answer but his friend is going to join them.

I promise, if you get through to the end you won’t be disappointed. That said, if you pick up this story, know that it’s one filthy smut-fest with lots of raunchy sex, dirty words and a whole lot of kink.

Rating: 3.5 “raunchy smut-fest” Stars


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