Coder by L. Ann Marie

October 29, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Coder by L. Ann Mariethree-half-stars
Coder by L. Ann Marie
Series: Princes of Prophecy #5
Also in this series: Prophet, Reader, Leader
Published by Self-published on September 27, 2016
Genres: Biker / MC, Paranormal
Pages: 271
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Brantley Blackhawk grew up in the MC knowing how important Brotherhood and being ‘all in’ is to everyone he loves. When a relationship goes south, he finds himself a father to a little boy. Thanks to the Brotherhood, the old ladies and even the ‘rents, he is learning how to be a good father. As head of Prince’s IT he runs HS Ops almost without thinking. Time and again, his skills keep the kids and old ladies safe from the threats that the Princes face constantly.
Holly came to the Princes because she wanted to help the community. She’s a writer whose royalties go to help make life better for others. When a vicious attack against her has her staying at Brantley’s to heal, a very special little boy shows him that she’s the one.
Despite being brilliant at the keyboard, Brantley has some trouble seeing what his son, brothers and grandmother see so clearly.
Will Brantley realize that ‘Always and Forever’ includes Holly?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceL Ann Marie’s books are fascinating to me, but they need to be read in order to enjoy them. Also, if you are a stickler about editing issues and typos, these aren’t the books for you.

Coder is the first of the “next generation” books that I’ve had a bit of a hard time dealing with the fact that a character I knew as a child has now grown into a man. We met Brantley way back when he was twelve years old right before he was adopted by Cloud and C.J. He was the sweetest and least intense of the Blackhawk brothers despite being one of the oldest. To add to that he’s a computer geek and he reminded me of my son. I certainly wasn’t ready for little Brantley to be a Dad, much less have to go through such an emotional journey when he brought his son home.

As we learned more about all Brantley does for his MC, he reminded of Danny LaPonte. I’m pretty sure Brantley was underestimated by not only his MC family but his parents and siblings as well. Part of it was maturity (he was a bit precocious) but a big part was because his skills and gifts aren’t as flashy as his siblings. Seems the sons are having to learn the same lessons their fathers did.

Some of these kids are still extremely young, and this book really showcased to me the effects of opening up a chapter away from the main MC and their parents, no matter how ready or “special” they are. What I did like was how the bond between not only the brothers but also how the Blackhawk siblings are getting tighter than they already were.

Brantley had some rough roads to travel. First, he became a single Dad under some horribly emotional circumstances, then the woman who he doesn’t realize is his, is viciously attacked right in front of him. And as usual, a brother is claiming his woman so a war will commence and Brantley’s skills are tested with the direst of consequences if he fails.

I felt a bit cheated because we miss the slowly falling in love aspect that I need in a romance. Instead, the readers and seers of the MC say it is meant to be, so everyone just kind of falls into line with it. As much as these books fascinate me, that gets on my nerves.

As for Holly, she is super shy and extremely sweet. She had a less than stellar childhood but we only get the barest details about that. She didn’t wow me, although I liked that she’s willing to take all the Blackhawk brothers under her wing until they are ready to fly on their own.

Next up is Taylor who has been on a dark road of his own while he battles PTSD. I’m glad we are seeing signs of him trying to get his feet under him, but I think he’s got a bumpy ride ahead of him. I just hope that we get a romance with some depth to it for his book.

Rating: 3.5 Geeks Can Be Badass Too Stars

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