Dragon’s Flame by Jory Strong

October 25, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★

Dragon’s Flame by Jory Strongthree-stars
Dragon's Flame by Jory Strong
Series: Supernatural Ops #1
Published by Self-published on March 22, 2016
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 164
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For a dragon, there’s no greater treasure than a mate—and Taine has identified his perfect match. He’d like to huff and puff and burn the clothes right off firefighter Saffron Greene’s body.

Thoughts of her are enough to make him lose control of his fire. And separation, after a sorcerer brings a phoenix egg into the human realm, is not an option. That leaves Taine with only one choice—claim his mate as they race to keep San Diego from burning.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceSeveral years ago, I discovered an author named Jory Strong. She was writing for that publisher whose name shall not be mentioned and had a series called Supernatural Bonds that I really enjoyed, especially the books with dragons in them. They were all alpha, growly, and pretty much did what they wanted. I needed something quick and easy to read and found Dragon’s Mate, the first of a new series for Ms. Strong and thought “Score! A hot, alpha-hole dragon sounds perfect.” and I one clicked it as fast as I could.

I immediately knew this one was different than what I expected. For starters, Taine had found his mate and wasn’t making his move. At first, my brain just couldn’t compute this. He did incinerate a few seriously nice cars because of his failure to pursue, but still. This was not dragonish behavior to me. See, he evidently wanted her to love him for him, not his dragon… Cue up that complete short circuit in my brain since I just could not imagine a dragon not going after what they considered the biggest treasure of all.

Further in, I discovered a quirk to this world that is new and will have some melting from the thought of a dragon making such a huge sacrifice for their mate but not me. View Spoiler ». To me, it was too much of a sacrifice and screwed with the HEA. Again, this was my take on it and many others will not have that issue. Of course, this is not why Taine was reluctant to go after Saffron, he was just worried about love. Whatever.

Saffron was a decent enough heroine but she had some commitment issues. Family history made her scared to fall in love because of the chance she could lose them. Other than that, she was a strong woman, extremely brave and loyal, and willing to put herself in danger to keep others from harm. This went a long way in balancing out the whole being a fraidy cat when it came to her love life thing she had going on.

What really saved this book was the fairly decent suspense aspects to the plot. A sorcerer with some serious Daddy issues brought a phoenix egg into the world and if the supernatural ops team doesn’t find it and figure out how to send it outside the realm, the city will burn. While in pursuit of the sorcerer and the egg, we are introduced to some interesting characters and more than a few supernaturals who, if fate has a sense of humor, will have a merry chase on their hands when their mates show up.

Dragon’s Flame ended up being a seriously hot book with a decent plot. Unfortunately, the wishy-washy main characters kept me from loving the book.

Rating: 3 Dragons Need To Act Like Dragons Stars


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