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By SpiceMy reading playlist is in not a compilation of calm and quiet background music (note: I don’t have a playlist that fits that description- even my mellow playlist isn’t all that mellow). It’s made up of songs that remind me of the characters or situations I find in the books I love to read. Some songs are on there for one specific book, some songs could fit almost every book. From Adele to ZZ Top, country to rock, fast to slow and everything in between, it’s pretty eclectic but I love it and I’m constantly adding to it. Currently, it has 226 songs on it, but I’m sure this will change soon.

songstoreadbyIf you can read it in a book, I’ve probably got a song for it on the list. Love, loss, happiness, life is good, life sucks, survival, I wish you were never born, etc. etc.  I love it when I’m reading a scene and the perfect song just magically starts playing, which happens more often than you think it would. Picking out my top ten from this list was like trying to figure out who my favorite Kristen Ashley Hero is. This is because it’s one broad-based playlist and there is a lot of songs on it I absolutely adore.

It was hard but I came up with my Top Ten songs from my Songs To Read By Playlist. At the end of the post is the Spotify Playlist you can listen to and follow.

Spice’s Top Ten Songs to Listen to While Reading:

Make You Feel My Love By Adele
I first heard this song sung by Garth Brooks in Hope Floats. I can’t tell you which version I like better. This could fit any heroine who’s in love with her dream man, especially if he’s balking because he’s fighting his own demons. 


I Hope You’re The End of My Story by Pistol Annies
I can’t hear this song without smiling. To me, it’s the perfect love song but it’s also the perfect romance book song. When I envision happily ever afters, I think of them together until the end. This song personifies that. 

Demons by Imagine Dragons
I love a book with characters are fighting some demons. This song works perfectly for that angsty book where a character has to fight the biggest war with themselves to heal. It’s even better when the person they are falling in love with is the best ammunition to kill those demons off.

Beautiful War by Kings of Leon
The lyrics to this song stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it. How true is it that love means nothing unless it’s worth fighting for.

The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars
You know the point in the book where the hero does something stupid and leaves the heroine heartbroken? This is the song that should play when she’s crying in her Häagen-Daz wishing he’d never been born.

Black by Pearl Jam
Probably one of the most beautiful broken hearted songs ever written. You can’t hear the last two lines of that song and not feel the pain and heartbreak Eddie Vedder is pouring out of his soul. 

Let Her Go by Passenger
I didn’t appreciate this song when I first heard it then I sat down and really listened to it. Now it’s a favorite of mine. That hero I described for the song The One That Got Away–while the heroines still eating ice cream and crying, he’s listening to this song and kicking his own ass. This ones about nothing but true regret.

Love Don’t Die by The Fray
It describes a never ending love, has a kick ass video, and is freaking hot. It’s not one of those slow, sexy songs, it’s a fast, hard, absolutely pounding song. Yeah. I love this song and it’s going to be on my “Sexy” playlist too.

Holding Out For A Hero by Ella Mae Bowen
Bonnie Tyler came out with this in the 80’s and my teenaged-self sang this song more than once, dreaming of my future larger than life hero. Ella Mae Bowen does a lovely version of this that is perfect for any romance novel’s heroine in search of a hero of her very own. 

Desperado by The Eagles
I grew up with both Linda Rondstadt’s and then later the Eagles version of Desperado. This is for every one of the lost hero’s. You know the ones who have been rambling around, on their own.They’re good guys, but always alone who need that perfect heroine, but don’t really want her.

Honorable Mention:
Dark Necessities by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
This is fairly new but I love it. I was drawn to the song just because it’s got a cool beat, but after hearing the words, I can’t listen to it without thinking of some books in the BDSM genre.




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