Secret Sins by CD Reiss

September 29, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Secret Sins by CD Reissfour-stars
Secret Sins by C.D. Reiss
Published by Flip City Media, Inc. on September 16, 2016
Pages: 243
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A brand new, edgy, sexy standalone romance from CD Reiss.
Her name is Cinnamon. Cin for short. Band mates Strat and Indy don’t know anything about her except she’s smart as hell and sexy as heaven. They can’t agree who gets her, so they do the only thing two best friends could do. They declare her off limits to both of them.
Margie, AKA Cinnamon-you-can-call-me-Cin, has a thing or two to tell these guys. Nobody “gets” her. She’ll let them know which one she wants when she can decide between them. Until then, their little pledges and promises aren’t her problem.
Her family is her problem. Her friends. And the world-famous blues rocker who has her cornered. He’s her problem too.
This may be one problem she can’t fix without some help.
Secret Sins is a standalone novel with an HEA, an edge just where you need it, and a shocking twist at the end. It’s recommended for people over the age of 18 with an open mind and a love of super hot stories.
BEG is added in the back as a free bonus novella! I hope you enjoy it!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Lily

Loved it!

It’s time to meet Cinn and Margie, the girl with a quick thinking witty comeback line who goes from wild child to quiet and totally in control woman in a male-dominated law firm. Wow, this is a short story packed with details that followers of the Drazen family stories is going to devour. Secrets are revealed, a big one in particular but for me, it only opened up more questions! I do love a book that stirs up a juicy debate among readers and Margie or should I say, CD Reiss has got people talking 🙂

Be prepared, this is a relatively quick read. It comes with a bonus book at around 65%, which took me by surprise. I was getting into this story and wanted more. So when the book finished and I reached the bonus book, disappointment crept in, but then I had an overwhelming desire to go back and read all the other books where Margie appears and see if the knowledge revealed in this book sheds another light on those books. So it wasn’t long before I got over my need for more with the thought more was there, just not in this book!

Music features in one way or another in a lot of the books where the Drazen family are concerned but not always as performers. In Secret Sins, it features the wild lifestyle of up and coming young musicians and the impressionable groupies who want in on the lifestyle. The vulnerability of all is evident to everyone involved, but the heat of the moment tends to blur the warning signs. There’s a mesmerizing moment when one of the characters stumbles upon an FFM scene, wants to turn away but finds it impossible to do so and it stuck a chord similar to reading a hot scene where you look around to make sure no one is reading over your shoulder, but you keep reading!

What I loved about this book so much, is that Margie has few regrets, her secrets are not for her benefit but dumped on her by others, and she shows her maturity by refusing to reveal the details to anyone,  not necessarily a wise choice but understandable. I wonder, though, will there be a time when the secret will be discovered? Either way, if this is your first CD Reiss book or not, it will evoke a desire to know more about this self-assured woman.

Margie is just one of the Drazen siblings with an interesting story to be told, but this is a good book to begin with if you a new to Ms. Reiss.

4 Secrets are kept for a reason Stars



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