Careful What You Ask For by Candace Blevins

September 22, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Careful What You Ask For by Candace Blevinsfour-stars
Careful What You Ask For by Candace Blevins
Series: Chattanooga Supernaturals #3
Also in this series: The Dragon King, Hallowed Destiny
Published by Self-published on September 23, 2016
Genres: Paranormal
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When a wolf mates with a human, the child is nearly always a wolf. Briana was raised as a werewolf, but then puberty hit and she never changed. She’s persuaded a few wolves to bite her, but it never took. At nineteen, she’s going to give it a final try. This time, she’ll ask someone who was bitten instead of being born to it, to see if it makes a difference.

She grew up welcome in the Pack until she was branded a human. Her developing teenage psyche was wounded by their rejection, and she holds nothing but ill will for the Pack and all it stands for. However, it’s fine for a human to glare at the Alpha and tell him he isn’t the boss of her. Trying it as a wolf is another story. She’s determined to make a go of it as a lone wolf, but Randall — the local Alpha — has other ideas, despite the fact she’s property of his brother’s motorcycle club.

Briana was raised to be a werewolf and she finally feels whole, but the transition is different for everyone. She understands supernatural politics, but she’s going to have to maneuver through the highest levels of them as a brand new wolf still struggling for control.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceCareful What You Ask For, at least for me, was one comfort zone demolishing read, but since it’s part of the Chattanooga Supernaturals series, that wasn’t a surprise. This in no way means I didn’t enjoy the book, it just means I had to close my eyes while reading a couple of times, or just plain skim over some spots. Ms. Blevins writes BDSM, and this series is more into the S/M side. The Rolling Thunder MC is my favorite series of hers, but I’m a fan of them all. What makes it good for me is the fact she writes characters that draw me in with interesting plots that keep me coming back for more despite the fact that some series are more into the harder core kinkery.

Candace’s heroines are the strong willed, kick ass type that I adore and Briana was no different. I loved that she loves sex and made no apologies for belonging to the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club. In her mind, she got all the sex she wanted in a safe way. When her final attempt to become the werewolf she was raised to be is successful, she finds herself in the midst of one hell of a minefield of supernatural politics. She has no intention of joining the local pack, the one she was raised in and felt had rejected her once they decided she was human. She wants to be a lone wolf, getting her need for companionship taken care of by the MC. The local pack leader has other intentions, and when events happen that open the door for her to have to join, he was on it.

Whether you love them or want to shoot them, Ms. Blevins writes some amazing male characters. With all the craziness going on in this book we got to see several of our favorite characters shine. Briana was not looking for a leading man, but she got one and had no idea what to do with him. Between being turned, ending up in the middle of a pack dispute, and navigating not only pack politics but supernatural politics with potentially deadly consequences if she stepped the wrong way, she got way more than the wolf she so desperately wanted.

Definitely not an insta-love book, there was an insta-attraction with the couple wanting to explore things in a slow, careful manner. Unfortunately, things beyond their control force them to make decisions at a lightening fast pace. While things progress, Briana gets introduced to BDSM and loved it, no matter how much a pain in the ass (and other places) it could be at times. Again, I don’t mind BDSM books, but I’m more comfortable with the B/D than the S/M, and I found myself scrunching up my nose and saying “hmm” and “ouch” more than once. There were also times these two had a certain chemistry going on that gave me a decidedly better reaction so that made up for things.

The grit, action, rich characters, and the romance made reading Careful What You Ask For worth any comfort zone blowing issues I had. I’m looking forward to seeing how she expands my horizons in her next book.

Rating: 4 It’s Good To Occasionally Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Stars

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