Saving Glory by Paula Marinaro

September 10, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Saving Glory by Paula Marinarothree-half-stars
Saving Glory by Paula Marinaro
Series: Hells Saints Motorcycle Club
Also in this series: Raine Falling, Chasing Claire, Taming Crow
Published by Self-published on August 31, 2016
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 258
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Old friends reunite while old enemies resurface in the fourth book of the Hells Saints Motorcycle Series.

Over three years ago, Glory Thomas saved Raine Winston’s life by rescuing her from the hands of Gino Abiatti— kidnapper, killer and all around bad guy. That fateful night set Glory on a path filled with violence, murder and redemption.
A path that led her straight through the Hells Saints doorway.
And straight into the arms of Jules Bonny.

As Sargent at Arms of the Hells Saints MC, Jules has seen a lot of bad things.
And done a lot worse.
But nothing plagued his conscience or gnawed at his soul until the day that Glory walked into his life.
Or, more exactly, until the day that Glory walked out of it.
And now she is coming back to where it all began.
Back to Crownsmount.
Back to the lake house.
But not back to him.
Not back to him.
And he has absolutely no idea what to do with that.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By Spice“Heck, Yes” was my reaction when I saw that Saving Glory was available, “Hmmm” was my response when I was done. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book, but I’ve been waiting for Jules and Glory’s story for a long time, and it wasn’t all I wanted it to be.

Jules lost some points with me with this book. I want to be able to say that Jules had gotten a taste of life without Glory and was hellbent on winning her back but I can’t since Jules, even though he missed Glory in a huge way, wasn’t ready to go there. He had a certain lifestyle and wasn’t sure he wanted to give it up for one woman. I was disappointed that he seemed to be playing with Glory with no clue what he wanted from her.

Poor Glory, it seemed every time she would get on her feet, life would hit her upside the head with yet another two by four. She’s not the strong type heroine I tend to gravitate to, but just the fact she’s still standing testifies to a certain strength of character despite not being kickass. She’s one of those characters you feel bad for, and even though some of her choices are suspect, you root for her anyway.

Hal had a huge presence in this book, at times making it feel like it was just as much his book as it was Jules and Glory’s. My heart hurt for him because of the injuries he suffered and the heartbreak he endured while at war. I was cheering him on as he healed, both physically and mentally, but his words towards his sister made me want to grab him by his ear and shake him like the sullen, irresponsible child he once was.

The situation with Abiatti provided the action I have come to expect with the Hell’s Saints series. My only complaint is that I wanted to be along for the entirety of what I ended up dubbing “Glory and Claire’s Grand Adventure”. As misguided as it was for the girls to take it on, the adventure sounded heart-poundingly dangerous, and I think being along for that ride instead of being told of it would have elevated the book to a solid four stars.

My main issue with Saving Glory is that I felt like the men in Glory’s life kept getting passes and Glory kept getting the shaft. Glory has had a tragic life. It’s been one disaster after another. Her father left her holding the bag with all the issues she dealt with both before and after her parent’s deaths. Her brother’s bad choices left her thinking she was holding the bag with the Abiatti family after he joined the military and left her, and Jules left her holding that bag several times just through his inability to see what was in front of him and refusal to take Glory as she was. Yes, Glory held responsibility for her own actions, but a lot of the things she did was in response to taking care of her brother or Jules. As interesting as the book was, it felt like all the blame was thrown on Glory’s head and this pissed me off.

As disappointed as I was with some aspects of the story, I loved other parts.  I loved Prosper and the way he’s always the voice of reason looking out for his people and I always enjoy time spent with the Hell’s Saints Family. In the end, Saving Glory was an enjoyable story, I just wanted more from it.

Spice’s Rating: 3.5 “Prosper is Still My Favorite” Stars

By LilyThe Hells Saints MC is one of my favourite series and I was in biker book nirvana as I delved into Saving Grace. Then the drama escalated and the atmosphere changed when decisions didn’t pan out as I expected. The actions of some of the characters changed the way they interacted because of the situations unfolding around them.

While I loved reading about Grace, it was her time spent with her best friend Amy when my appreciation for her peaked. It was then that her confidence and strength in spite of the constant challenges she faced shone through. She struggled with fitting in with the club family in general and this at times impacted my enjoyment of the story.

Hal, her brother, and Valentina had a connection with PTSD resonated beautifully through their acknowledgements of the struggles they were experiencing. Their interactions were moving and always believable. I won’t share more other than to reiterate their time together provided the platform for stellar dialogues in this book.

Bringing two of my favourite genres together was an aspect that excited me about this book. Having been on a Cosa Nostra bender of late, the action depicted was less than what I would find in these genres. Mixing suits and leather was a challenge from the beginning. Both have their similarities: church, family, respect, and appearances. Ironically they may use the same words but the way they interpret them is worlds apart. The Italians have a secondary role in the plot and so the challenging aspect of having them in the story at the same time was minimal.

There were great moments as well as OK ones. The first 60+% had me virtually inhaling this story, but then it slowed down a tad and so did the book buzz I was chasing. By the end, it had returned to somewhere in between, and I will be eagerly looking out for the next book in the Hell’s Saints MC Series!

Lily’s Rating: 3.5 stars

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