This Isn’t Over, Baby by K Webster

September 5, 2016 Book Review 0

This Isn’t Over, Baby by K WebsterThis Isn't Over, Baby by K. Webster
Series: War & Peace,
Published by Self-published on August 30th 2016
Pages: 236
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They’d won the battle and I held up the white flag of defeat… But the war wasn’t OVER.
I suffered the aching loss of what they had stolen from me.OVER and OVER again, my heart broke.The white Queen and the black King had taken OVER the game and ruled for what seemed like eternity.
Until one day, eternity was finally OVER.
I was the dark knight who would rise again and conquer.I was the man who would win OVER the most important piece on the board.
A slayer. A protector. A father.A new king with the blackest of hearts.
And head OVER heels in love with…The little princess who owned my twisted soul.
Sometimes the villains don’t just want their happy ending…They demand it.
This isn’t OVER, baby.This will never be OVER.
Warning:This Isn’t Over, Baby is a dark romance. Strong sexual themes and violence which could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. This story is NOT for everyone.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

EDGy Review
The EDGy Dark Reader has fumbled, fell and feigned a temporary retreat…This book falls into a rare category for me where I am unable to rate it fairly. There is a clear warning at the beginning of this story that it won’t be for everyone, but I didn’t think it was for the likes of a seasoned (IMO) dark reader such as myself. I stumbled reading this book and ended up conceding it wasn’t for me. I skimmed from approximately 68%, and I then got to the stage that I jumped right through to the last chapter, skimmed it and the epilogue. There’s a good chance by doing so I relinquished the chance to find the moment in this story where it would blow my mind with an unexpected plot twist.

Why did I start skimming? If you get to read a sample of this story, and you can handle the first chapter, maybe you’ll be fine. The nature of the situation was too graphic for my mind to process. Struggling to put it out of my head, I soldered on. I was fine for a while longer, the nature of what I was reading was mostly disturbing, but it became evident I would never find the light in the darkness in this story. The constant referrals to the past felt out-of-place and so very wrong. The feasting and indifference to the acts spurred on by jealousy were my eventual undoing.

My reasons for sharing what I thought of this book is because I rated the first two books in this series 4+ Stars and I thought it would be strange to only review half of a series. They contained content which was hard to read, but there was sufficient hope and light times to get me through the chapters. This time, my experience was different, and I thought it best to explain why I will wait before I consider picking up the next book in this series.

While I have no qualms with the writing or the pace of this or the other books in this series, it was definitely a page turner, but there’s no denying I uncovered a line I just couldn’t cross. I struggled with the initial dilemma Bailey fought through in the first book, but I was rewarded through reading about her determination and of course her time with ‘War’. The second book was better than the first, but the ending filled me with dread. After reading what I have in this book, I had no concept of the meaning of dread. For me, I am gutted to admit I have found my limits and am prepared to declare, This is over, Baby…


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