Outlander TV Series, Season 2: Dragonfly in Amber

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Claire and Jamie arrive in France, hell-bent on infiltrating the Jacobite rebellion led by Prince Charles Stuart and stopping the battle of Culloden. With the help of Jamie’s cousin, they are thrown into the lavish world of French society, where intrigue and parties are abundant but political gain proves far less fruitful. Altering the course of history presents challenges that begin to weigh on the very fabric of their relationship – but, armed with the knowledge of what lies ahead, Claire and Jamie must race to prevent a doomed Highland uprising and the extinction of Scottish life as they know it.

Reviewed LilyHow time flies!

Being blessed with weekly episodes of Outlander have made the last few months pass by quickly. I binge watched Season 1 to get into the ‘zone’ and slowly eased out of Droughtlander into Outlander. I also read Dragonfly in Amber again in order to ensure my recollection of what had transpired in that book. Having read beyond the TV series I was worried that I’d expect more storyline than was depicted within the book Season 2 reflects. It was an understatement to say I hadn’t done everything possible to welcome the screen adaptation of Dragonfly in Amber, yet most episodes left me wanting more. That is until the final extended episode (Season 2, Ep. 13) when I was presented with the feast I had longed for and anticipated.

Before Season 2 began I had grand ambitions about posting thoughts on each episode after aired but each time I watched one all I wanted to discuss were aspects that would have spoiled it for those yet to view the series. No one wants to be responsible for that! I felt every moment of the last episode, reaching for the Kleenex while I misted up more than a few times, embracing all I adore about this series and the characters. Torn between wanting to watch it again and spilling my emotions into a post, it was the latter that won out.

Now that the season is complete, it is easier to discuss the season rather than comment on the individual episodes. With the benefit of hindsight, I realised I became fixated on the content on what I had read combined with the stark difference in storyline presented in Season 1. I was always aware this season would be different. I knew where the story was headed and was keen to see how the story would be adapted, but it wasn’t until the episode titled ‘Faith’ did Jamie and Claire, in my opinion, come back into their own again. From episode 7 (Faith), the storyline went in a slightly different direction and ironically as the costumes dulled in colour the acting and story line shone through beautifully. It wasn’t the brutality or suffering I had missed in the earlier episodes but the earthy, carefree lifestyle they led before that gave the juxtaposition of now and then I had been craving.

It was easier to read about Claire and Jamie in France than it was to see them there. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the banter, looked on in sheer awe at the costumes and the breath-taking scenery. Not an episode went by, especially when we saw the red dress and Jamie’s reaction to it, where I wasn’t impressed by each and every scene. What did leave me a little flat was both Jamie and Claire’s characters felt like they were out of kilter (hehe, pun possibly intended). My saviours up until episode 7 were:

  • Murtagh, who was always true to his character’s persona
  • Monsieur le Comte (a villain you couldn’t help but admire!)
  • Mother Hildegarde
  • Master Raymond
  • Fergus!  It was a toss-up between Fergus and Murtagh as to which impressed me the most. The scene where they both discuss women decided it for me, they both were equally impressive.

A couple of characters were not as I had imagined them from reading about them, namely Prince Charles and Mary. Great acting with both characters but I didn’t hear Charles voice to be as soft or feminine as he sounded and nor did I imagine Mary to be so young. It goes to show, sometimes we make allowances for the awkwardness of a situation when reading. While Mary grew on me, I struggled to fathom how on earth so many men were persuaded by Charles…expect it was his position and title rather than him that they were following.

It was the middle of the series that slowly brought us back to familiar lands and scenes more in sync with the imagery created through what I had read in the books. Today as I watched the final episode, it dawned on me I had expected to see Brianna and Roger, the past and the future, and a retrospective Claire right from the beginning. Of course, that could not have been, as the story began with a scene in the future before backtracking to explain what had transpired in Claire’s life to have her be where she was. Some of the best lines of were delivered in the final episode, not that they weren’t there in other episodes, but it was a case of everything fitting perfectly together. Again I am filled with hope and excited to see how the next book will go from page to screen.

Here are a couple of my favourite moments from Season 2 of Outlander. Some may contain spoilers, so don’t view them unless you are reminiscing with me! I choose to watch the series through iTunes, but it’s available on many platforms and DVD so you’ll have no trouble finding it at your favourite place you purchase your TV Series. Now the wait begins for Season 3 which will be hopefully less than a year away.


And then I was looking for a particular youtube clip that showed the Mackenzie men shirtless and demonstrating a battle cry but I found something much better. This fantastic tribute by Julia LeBlanc is brilliant, I smiled all the way through it with the background music being an added bonus! The scene that inspired my search comes on at 2:14. Enjoy!

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