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July 6, 2016 Book Review, Musical Musings 0

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Besides my family, the two biggest loves of my life are reading a good book and listening to music. If I’m awake, there is music playing. If my husbands watching TV, I’ve got my headphones on and a book in my hand because who has time for TV when there are so many good books to read.

I’ve got extremely eclectic taste in music. I listen to rock, country, alternative, blues, R&B, in fact the only thing I tend to not like is rap or classical but I’ve even got a select few of those on my ipod. I love discovering new music and love it when someone suggests a song to me. 

A good song can lift my mood or it can bring me to tears. I even have a playlist called “The Soundtrack of My Life” full of songs that can immediately take me to a time or place in my past. If I hear Will the Circle Be Unbroken I think of my Grandparents porch with and all my family playing their instruments and singing in harmony. I can’t hear a song from Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet album without being transported to my very first real date where we went to a concert with Bon Jovi opening up for 38 Special. Wilson Phillip’s Hold On reminds me of a 20-year-old me, driving down the road, newly divorced with a 3-month-old baby in the back seat, singing my heart out with tears running down my face knowing I will make it through.  I have songs that remind me of my kids, of my husband, even of watching my kids play sports.

Just like my life has its own soundtrack, when I read a book I am always matching up songs in my head to it. Sometimes they just fall in my lap. During my last re-read of Kristen Ashley’s Colorado Mountain series, I’d be reading a certain scene and a song would play, for instance,  Adele’s Make You Feel My Love played while I was reading Faye’s “This is your dark?” speech and I thought it was perfect for them. Imagine Dragons Demons came on and I knew for me that would now always be Chace’s song. I love discovering new music and since I listen to pretty much anything besides rap and hip hop, there is always lots of new stuff to listen to.

I love discovering new music and since I listen to pretty much anything besides rap and hip hop, there is always lots of new stuff to listen to.

I thought it might be fun to occasionally share my adventures in music with you and hopefully have some conversations about it. I’m always open to hearing about a new song, or discussing who did the best cover of a song, or which musician floats your boat in more than one way. Of course, I will also share songs or song lists that for me best represent a book or series.

You can look over the playlists I have put together for Kristen Ashley’s Colorado Mountain and Rock Chick series in EDGY Extras and now you can also follow my Spotify playlists that include music KA mentions in the series plus the songs that I think are perfect for the books. I’ll be adding new playlists periodically. Happy listening …and reading!

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