The Billionaire and His Castaway by Alexa Riley

June 24, 2016 Book Review, Quickie 0 ★★★

The Billionaire and His Castaway by Alexa Rileythree-stars
The Billionaire and His Castaway by Alexa Riley
Series: An Alexa Riley Promise #3
Also in this series: Mr and Mrs, Blackmailing the Virgin
Published by Self-published on June 24th 2016
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Kenton Monroe has wanted her for far too long. But Madeline Caldwell isn’t giving him the time of day.

Madeline is looking to break out of her innocent shell, but Kenton definitely isn’t the guy to experiment with. She needs a nice guy, not one who makes her lady business glitter like diamonds.

Kenton has been patient for months, but she won’t bend. Getting her alone on a deserted island is the only way. Keeping her stranded and all to himself will make her see reason. Right?

Warning: If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…then maybe this dirty summer read is just for you. If you like making love at midnight, put this book down and wake your partner up!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Quickie Review

Reviewed Sparkles 1While I enjoy OTT-crazy stories, The Billionaire and His Castaway didn’t completely work for me.

As other books in this series, it was on the short side, but this was the first time I felt the main characters hadn’t spent enough time building their OTT-obsessive relationship. I know, relationship building in an AR book is a bit of a stretch but I can usually look past that. Not this time, though.

As usual, Kenton only needs to have one look of Madeline and he is in for life. Unfortunately, he acts like kind of an ass, so Madeline thinks he doesn’t like her and subsequently avoids or ignores him. This will push Kenton to the edge, crafting a somewhat out there (but not quite, as we’re talking OTT romance here) plan to get her alone with him.

Madeline is the little sister to a bunch of alpha guys with a security agency. Sweet, innocent and the heart of the family, she has lived a sheltered life. Kenton was a successful, ruthless and cold businessman until the day he saw Madeline, and everything changed for him. Now his only care in the world is making her his.

But not everything goes according to plan, especially when Madeline’s brothers get worried about her and interfere, possibly ruining two people’s happiness. Now Kenton will have to fight for her heart that much harder if he has any hope of realizing his dreams of home and family.

Definitely sweet and with a fantastic couple of epilogues, I think that with a bit more relationship and character development, this could have been a fantastic read. I had a good time reading it, I just wanted more.

Sparkles’ Rating: 3 OTT-obsessed-male Stars.



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