Mishca and Lauren: The Complete Collection by London Miller

June 7, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Mishca and Lauren: The Complete Collection by London Millerfive-stars
Mishca and Lauren: The Complete Collection by London Miller
Series: Volkov Bratva #1, ,
Also in this series: The Morning
on May 17, 2016
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 909 pages
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Lauren was just a girl looking to make a fresh start in New York City, until she meets the man that will change everything she thought she knew. Spanning over two years, from the very beginning, until the sweet end, delve into the Volkov Bratva world and learn how it all began.

Mishca and Lauren: The Complete Collection contains the first three novels of the Volkov Bratva Series, as well as the companion novella...

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

EDGy Review

Reviewed LilyLoved it!

This was my first London Miller book and it won’t be my last! I came across the Volkov Bratva Series through Bethany-Kris’s books. Boxed sets are worth looking out for as they are such good value. This set includes the first three books in Volkov Bratva series as well as a companion novella.

The first book starts off slowly. It has a new adult (NA) setting with the heroine about to start college and the hero trying to prove himself a worthy asset within the family’s business. The nature of what the two main characters have had to face takes this story beyond your average NA romance. There’s plenty of drama but the quiet times balance the suspense perfectly.

He might not have been able to forsake the vows he had taken to the Bratva all those years ago, but he would make damn sure his enemies wished he had.

Mishca is considered young to hold the position he does but he exudes the confidence of a man way beyond his years. He is a born leader that was sweet enough to have me swooning, yet man enough to not have me tire of his mannerisms. When he wants something, he patiently bides his time until he gets it.

Being the victim of a tragedy in her past has given Lauren the strength to face more than most. Raised in the loving but very protective care of her mother and the policeman who assumed a fatherly role early on in her life, she embraces an opportunity for freedom by moving away from home to attend college in the city. The accommodation she moves into comes with an inbuilt best friend and her posse of friends. Having a law officer keeping a protective eye out for her provides an interesting platform for a lot of the angst in the story.

Mishca and Lauren’s families and background should have kept them apart. It doesn’t but it’s not a smooth ride ahead and as soon as they work it out, it was like they were never apart. The obvious restraint Mishca showed in waiting for the right time to take their relationship to the next level highlighted his strength of character. Mind you, when he does decide to sweep her off her feet, it was perfect. In the beginning, there was a tendency to fade to black when the steamy action started. It was only when their actions were pivotal to the storyline that the sexy scenes were actually included.

Be ready for revelation after revelation. I began to wonder who or what would pop up next! The twists were woven in so well that apart from acknowledging they were occurring they didn’t bother me. The twists also provided the opportunity for additional characters to be added to the already impressive cast of characters. Family, whether related or chosen, was a strong feature. There’s plenty of drama but the quiet times balanced out the suspense perfectly.

What keeps me returning to books in this genre is that they are steeped in suspense, and the plots require strong characters to maintain the flow of the story. These are the elements I look for when choosing what book to read next. This collection ends with a novella that contained news that had me eager to read on. So I’ve found a new series to follow and a new-to-me author as well. Happy days!

What and whom I struggled with:

  • Loss and sacrifice
  • Anya
  • Green
  • He used a Blackberry…technology can be dating!

What I loved:

  • The way Mishca allowed Ross to call him boy
  • What Mischa was willing to do for Lauren
  • Luca
  • Alex
  • Klaus
  • Sardinia Vacation

Lily’s Rating: 5 Stars

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